Taz gets bombed with nerfs in MultiVersus, but players are calling for more

MultiVersus has just launched its open beta, with everyone now able to sign up and play the fighting game. On its first day, the title broke records for fighting games with the most concurrent players. The game hasn’t had an entirely smooth launch though, some major balancing changes have hit the title. MultiVersus launch nerfs have really destroyed Taz, he’s been nerfed completely into the ground. These nerfs already have big players calling for even more major changes to the game too.

MultiVersus has had a great launch, but fighting games usually need some changes. The Taz nerfs are surprising by how big they are, but not entirely unexpected. This is what’s happened with the day one change, and what players are calling to be changed next.


MultiVersus launch nerfs hit Taz hard

The MultiVersus game brings fighting game characters together from across various franchises. One of the more represented worlds in MultiVersus is Looney Toons. This includes Taz the Tasmanian Devil. The character lived up to his Devil name in the initial opening. Players found the character pretty OP and were calling for nerfs in the first round of the game.

Specifically, it was Taz’s trademark spin that really hjt hard. It was difficult to dodge, dealt too much damage with knockback, and it had a decent-sized hitbox. The move was very hard to counter with it taking priority over different moves.

The first MultiVersus Taz nerfs dropped with the game’s wider release coming just a little after. These are the big changes that they’ve made:

  • Tornado duration decreased
  • One less hit for multi-hit
  • Hit pause decreased
  • Knockback reduced from the last hit

This move is being changed over to a cooldown attack in the future too. The developers have been clear about their intentions with the nerfs. They want to keep the tornado as Taz’s signature attack, but tone it down so it’s less all-encompassing in games.

Other Changes with MultiVersus Launch nerfs and patch

The alterations to Taz weren’t the only major changes with the V0.1 patch! One of the biggest alterations has been adding Lebron James as a new character. Gold earned from matches has also been increased as part of the welcome for the open beta.

The major changes to the characters only affect a few of them. Batman had his Batarangs changed to add a greater cooldown and prevent them from being so overused. Buggs Bunny also had some changes to his air up to make it easier to deal with. Iron Giant and Steven Universe had a few changes too, but it’s really Taz that had the major MultiVersus launch nerfs.

Players are calling for more nerfs in Multiversus

These initial nerfs have done a lot to fix the game’s overpowered characters in this early stage. However, fans and pros are already calling for bigger nerfs! Hungrybox, a major Smash Bros player who recently grabbed another major win, has already called out for Finn to come next. Some players like SonicfFox are calling out more technical problems with the game, like lag issues.

Multiversus glitch fix


Developers have already talked about more nerfs coming to the game. It’s likely Bugs Bunny will be a target soon too! Although, these nerfs are going to have to wait until after competitive events for the tournament to kick off with EVO in August.

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