Players demand Taz nerfs in MultiVersus Closed Beta

The MultiVersus crossover game has captured the attention of the fighting game community in recent weeks. From showy character reveals to a closed beta, there is a lot going on in this particular title right now. With some access to the game now available, we’re seeing more and more of how the title actually handles.

One character, in particular, is a focus right now, and not for the best reasons. Taz, the Tasmanian Devil, has been found to be pretty overpowered. Players have been calling for nerfs in MultiVersus closed beta to try and fix this problem.


Nerfs in MultiVersus Closed Beta

The MultiVersus Closed Beta has been pretty popular since its unveiling, with a lot of competition to even get in to play. However, like most fighting games there’s been a few problems off the bat with overpowered characters. Developers have been quick to respond to players’ complaints. Nerfs have already been announced by the developers for Jake, Finn, Harley Quinn, and Reindog.

A lot of these characters were those that were highlighted as overpowered so far in players’ experiences. However, there is one big omission so far, Taz.

Taz the Tasmian Devil is arguably one of the most overpowered characters in the closed beta. SonicFox, one of the best fighting game players, has even highlighted the character as one that needs a nerf. The player is a veteran of a lot of fighting games and might be the best fighting game player ever with his achievements in various titles.

SonicFox called Superman, Jake, and Taz all overpowered. Some players have even managed to find some impressive combos using Taz that are really playing with what should be possible in a fighting game.

Taz 0 to death combo from MultiVersusTheGame


The game is currently in closed alpha. We can expect plenty of change in this part of development. Some overpowered characters might need nerfs in MultiVersus closed beta, but that’s what this period is for.

MultiVersus Open Beta

The MultiVersus closed beta is still ongoing, and it’s going to be going on for a few more weeks before the game moves on. In June, the title will enter the open beta where a lot more players are going to get a look at things. Problems are identified and fixed quickly so far. There’s a good chance we’re going to see some bigger changes by the time we move to the open beta. Hopefully, the issues with Taz are ironed out before then. With the current timeline, we can probably expect a solid version of the game to be here for EVO.

The fighting game community is already getting a lot of mileage out of the title. The game has a lot in common with games like Smash Bros. The mechanics are more polished than a tie-in game normally gets though. There’s a quality and attention to detail for fighters that is paying off. The game looks like it has the potential to have a few decent tournaments, especially if developers continue with the level of support they’ve given the title so far.

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