What to expect from MultiVersus Tournament at EVO 2022

WB Games is taking esports matters into their own hands at EVO this year, sponsoring their own $100K MultiVersus tournament. While the game is yet to launch, this first tournament shows a decent commitment for tempting the fighting game community into the game.

The announcement came with the release of the closed alpha last week, boasting a few features that players have found impressive, in what appeares to be a more casual game.

Multiversus EVO

Jerry be banging

MultiVersus Closed Alpha

MultiVersus is an upcoming Smash Bros-styled fighting games. While Smash Bros brings in characters from the worlds of gaming for its platformer-fighter, MultiVersus draws on the various franchises and characters owned by Warner Brothers. The roster includes superheroes fighting next to classic characters like Tom and Jerry. The game looks to be something more than a Smash Bros styled tie-in.

While it has the same gameplay that reflects both casual players and the opportunity for deeper mechanics for high-skill gameplay. The title also boasts some impressive rollback, a feature that helps to make games, well, playable online despite requiring exact inputs and minimal lag. Features like this have gone a long way towards making the title open to competitive communities.  The game is also going to be free-to-play, which never hurts.

The closed alpha is kicking off tomorrow (May 17th).

EVO Tournament

The game looks promising at this stage. Last week, a $100K MultiVersus EVO was announced, held alongside the closed alpha for the game, so we can see how the title runs when played by high-level players. This is going to be a 2v2 tournament with players competing in doubles. There will be 32 teams in competition at the event. The tournament isn’t going to be one of the actual featured games at EVO though.

Instead of being among the games featured at EVO 2022, MultiVersus is going to be a side event. This will be sponsored by WB Games themselves as promotion for the upcoming title. The MultiVersus EVO tournament has already captured the attention of some of the players in the biggest fighting game communities.

Players like SonicFox and MKLeo from Smash Bros have both alluded to the tournament. With no Smash Bros at EVO this year, this will be a welcome addition.

Early promotion for a tournament is a long way from an ongoing esports community post-release. However, MultiVersus has shown high quality so far and it looks like it can foster a decent competitive scene. With WB actually willing to offer decent prize pools for the event too, things look quite positive for this game in the future.

Based on what we see, MultiVersus might just become the replacement for Smash at EVO in the future. Furthermore, the features devs are promising point towards a decent esports focus for the title. Smash pros and fighting game enthusiasts are already showing interest, meaning we can expect a proficiently skilled battlefield from the get go.

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