Is MultiVersus Cross-Platform?

MultiVersus launched on July 19, 2022, emerging as one of the most exciting free-to-play fighting games seen in recent years. It quickly became a rampant success, and within weeks of launch, more than 20 million unique players had jumped onto the platform. As a crossover title, MultiVersus features characters from a wide, almost never-ending range of franchises. It’s a bold project to be sure, and today, we’re here to answer one key question: is MultiVersus cross-platform?

This is one of the most important questions gamers find themselves asking these days. As technology becomes more advanced, an increasing range of video games are launching with cross-platform capabilities. It’s the easiest way to build a massive, stable community, enabling users on multiple platforms to play with absolutely anybody – including their friends on other, ‘competing’ platforms.

Why Is MultiVersus So Popular?


Image Credit: Warner Bros.

MultiVersus fits into an animated, competitive niche that has been popularised by the likes of Fortnite and Smash Bros. On the surface, MultiVersus behaves like the latter, but in many ways, it looks exactly like the former. It’s an easily accessible, easy-to-navigate, and most importantly, free-to-play game that enables players to assume the role of some of their favourite pop culture characters.

With near-endless licensing opportunities, MultiVersus has already seen the introduction of the likes of Black Adam, Rick and Morty, Batman, Arya Stark, and Tom and Jerry. As MultiVersus utilises a free-to-play foundation fused with a battle pass mechanic, it’s already a game that players feel completely at home with. It’s completely uncomplicated and easy to get to grips with, and as the characters featured are both modern and classic, the game appeals to an audience made up of both younger and older gamers.

That’s why MultiVersus is so popular, and that’s why it has secured more than 20 million players within weeks of launch.

Is MultiVersus Crossplay?

Is MultiVersus Crossplay?

By default, MultiVersus is a cross-platform game, giving players the ability to connect with opponents on any platform. However, it doesn’t end there, as MultiVersus also boasts cross-progression, meaning players can sync their accounts across various platforms, carrying their progress with them regardless of which platform they migrate to. If a player was to switch platforms from PlayStation 5 to Xbox Series X, for example, it’s a case of simply logging in to their MultiVersus account and recovering their progress thus far.

So, if you’re looking for an answer to the question, ‘is MultiVersus cross-platform’, it’s a definitive ‘yes’.

However, there are some nuances to understand, as, for some, the fact that MultiVersus is cross-platform isn’t necessarily a good thing. If there’s one blocker to the success of crossplay games, it’s that lots of gamers believe players on PC can cheat much more easily than players on console platforms. Therefore, many developers integrate a feature that allows players to switch off any crossplay functionality.

Fortunately, MultiVersus is one of those games, and in the settings menu of the game, cross-platform play can be totally disabled. This will ultimately result in slightly longer queues when trying to match-make, but it makes no difference to the experience of the game overall. It should also be stressed that there is very little evidence of cheaters existing in the world of MultiVersus. While the game is competitive at its very core, to the point where an esports ecosystem could thrive, people simply don’t seem to be interested in cheating to win.

At the end of the day, it’s advised to keep the option enabled, to give cross-platform meaning in MultiVersus.

What’s Next For MultiVersus?


Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Now that we know that MultiVersus is a cross-platform game, what’s next for the title?

As time goes on, more characters will be added to the roster, improving and expanding the line-up immeasurably. Like Fortnite, MultiVersus has seasons that periodically introduce fresh content to the platform, including new environments, characters, and game modes. As the platform is owned by Warner Bros., there’s a staggering amount of characters to draw inspiration from.

From a development perspective, the teams building MultiVersus have explained that there’s a near-endless repository of characters to consider for the game. This includes ‘R-Rated’ characters from Warner Bros.’ more mature franchises, such as Mad Max and The Sopranos.

There’s a bright future in store for what is a show-stopper of a brand-new franchise.