MultiVersus Black Adam Update brings Arcade Mode and Growth Spurt

MultiVersus’ latest character has arrived a little late, but with plenty of new content for players. The Black Adam update has just hit, alongside the wider 1.05 patch. This update is bringing a new bruiser, unlockable skins, and a Halloween event that’ll see the game through till the end of its first season on November 15th.

What’s more though, MultiVersus has finally gotten game modes past the core fighting mode! This is what’s changed with the MultiVersus Black Adam update.

Black Adam Multiversus

MultiVersus Black Adam Update Breakdown

Black Adam was initially revealed for the game quite a while ago, alongside Stripe. He’s the fifth addition to the game and comes with bigger expansions for the title. This is the first new character in a while, since Black Adam saw a few minor delays in hitting the game.

The character is going to be a bruiser in-game. That means he specialises in up-close fighting, similar to characters like Batman. His moveset has some similarities with Superman, which makes sense given the character. It’s a fun character, and it’ll be interesting to see what players do with his kit.

Alongside the character themselves, there are always new unlockable skins for new characters in MultiVersus. With Black Adam, one of the biggest for him at launch is a comic book skin. This one puts him in a more traditional version of his outfit, from the comic book.

Arcade Mode & Silly Queue

Arcade Mode is a fun new addition to the game. It finally opens MultiVersus up beyond online matches and practice! This is a mode where you can run through enemy fighters and eventually even bosses. The Arcade Mode is playable in 1v1 or 2v2. You can go through the enemies with a friend, but that’ll mean doubling up on the enemies you fight too.

The Arcade mode has three difficulties. Depending on your performance, you’ll get bronze, silver, or gold as a star for the character at the end. The difficulty goes up from easy to hard too. The Arcade Mode is due to get more updates as the game goes on, so players will get more out of returning to Arcade mode even once they’ve unlocked stars for their character select screens.

Silly queue is a new hub coming to the game with the patch. It’s going to add in more casual game modes. This is a great addition for giving players more to do outside of plain fights. These will be games with modifiers, where you can enter matchmaking to take part in crazier games. The first example given is Growth Spurt.

This is a new mode where fighters get bigger every time they deal damage. Adding games with these types of modifiers don’t mean much for competitive MultiVersus. However, they should be a lot of fun. These new modes really help to flesh out the game beyond just the core fighting match-ups.

What’s Next for MultiVersus? 

Black Adam has been known as an addition to the game for quite a while, but what’s coming next? As we’re getting to the end of Season 1, we don’t know quite as much about what’s coming up next. There are a few ideas though.

The Mark Hamill version of the Joker seems like a decent addition to their roster. A voice pack for the character has been found in the game, which could point to this being the next addition.

There have been new maps added, and changes to attack decay too. This is yet another change to combos in MultiVersus, but this change doesn’t make a huge difference like the last Multiversus combo change to attack decay.

In terms of MultiVersus esports, there are quite a few tournaments on the horizon at different levels of MultiVersus esports. Characters like Black Adam are going to help expand the roster even more and keep these competitive games exciting.