MultiVersus Fall Showdown Finals event to bolsters interest for Season 2

The second season of MultiVersus has just kicked off, with new characters and maps coming. Before that though, is the MultiVersus Fall Showdown Finals. This initial round of competitive action has been one of the biggest since MultiVersus’ debut at Evo. Finishing up just as Season 2 kicks off, there’s a great prize pool at this tournament and its definitely worth tuning in for. Finals are starting on November 20th.

Three regions are competing each with an impressive prize pool. This is what’s happened with the series so far, and what to watch for at the Finals.

MV fall Showdown

MultiVersus Fall Showdown – Regional Finals and Qualifiers

The MultiVersus Fall Showdown has been running for a few weeks, with players competing across three main regions, North America, East North America, and West Europe. There are some more regions out there for the game, but this pick for where competitions are held largely reflects where the game is available. MultiVersus is still not released worldwide.

Qualification for the MultiVersus Fall Showdown Finals has been building for a while. Earlier qualifiers have given all players a chance to compete. This is brand new esport, so open events like this are a great way to get things started. Players had to place in the top 8 at the qualifying events to move forward.

MultiVersus Fall Showdown Finalists

16 Players in total moved forward to each Final after earning their slot against the rest of the player base. These are the players who have made the cut so far:

North America East

  • Cruncho & Rufflecrumbs
  • JMafia & xSkiiizy
  • Mj & PoRO
  • Monk & fz
  • MisterMan & pici
  • BugzviiOnTwitch & Key1DR
  • Healz & pink
  • Mef96 & clueless
  • RamsMVS & marrtoons
  • Kiqua & ayeeJoshOnTwitch
  • Cosolix & mirrorman
  • Broskis & MoonlitOopstier
  • LegendaryyPres & K7 Showoff
  • Palm710 & DTLynx
  • Swirv & Wxvyy

North America West

  • LuckMVS & Mikkokoro
  • Tonik & Shmooperino
  • Myname & Eppy
  • Alex & Blaizzy
  • WizZ_77 & Donte
  • EstBriss & UniverseTrout561
  • Zork & Bry
  • Jagriff & MattyMack
  • Rawin & TamunokuroOnTwitch
  • Axeofdeath & PokeDad
  • TLTC & Saiki
  • Alpha & RiceFoe
  • Jungle & Muah!
  • Coltol & Horseleg
  • DavisMV & 3zmo
  • Heart & Space

Western Europe

  • Pyscoquaxe & MakMat
  • PasibrzuchBodzio & MiniMichal
  • Holky & NotSw3ty
  • 2senpi & MadJew
  • oGsan & Atsuii
  • Dantome1907 & MitsukenShin
  • G3 & Cowfish
  • lolplebtank & Timmi22222
  • Rizzking & SJP192
  • Josuut & Ewyke
  • Keryan & Urbador
  • Viren & Vrip
  • Paradioxee & ES Koby
  • BABAR & Ellroy678
  • RJ_King08 & Lagger21
  • Trabje & Ponix

MultiVersus Fall Showdown Finals Format and Prize Pool

The Finals are being played in an overall bracket, one each for every region. All 16 teams are competing in head-to-heads. This is going to be a double-elimination bracket. When players lose in the top bracket, they’ll move down to the bottom bracket. They’ll compete in head-to-head matches, before the top team in the loser’s bracket face the top team in the winner’s bracket.

The MultiVersus Fall Showdown Finals is a region event, so there’s not going to be an international round. Although, winning at these regional events is impressive enough.

The MultiVersus Fall Finals the climatic event for the first years of MultiVersus, fittingly they have a decent prize pool to line up with that. This is how the prizes break down:

  • 1st – $2,000
  • 2nd – $1,500
  • 3rd – $1,250
  • 4th – $1,000
  • 5/6th – $750
  • 7/8th – $575
  • 9-12th – $250
  • 13-16th – $150

This tournament is bringing the first stage of MultiVersus esports to a close. As move into a new Season and eventually a new year, we can probably expect another series of events for MultiVersus to kick off in the Spring.

This could be followed by another showing at EVO or even a separate international tournament. These early events are setting the stage and establishing the major players in MultiVersus. This is something to watch out for as the game develops.