MultiVersus Season 1 Patch Notes and Leaks Confirmed

MultiVersus’ new characters are due to hit the game pretty soon with the release of season 1. However, we’ve already gotten a sneak peak of the next two characters coming to the game! A trailer has been released earlier. We now know the next two characters coming to the game after the MultiVersus Season 1 patch!

We’ve also got details of the big nerfs and changes that are going to hit the established characters with some of the strongest picks getting nerfed.

This is what’s changing with the latest patch.

Multiversus Black Adam

New Characters Leaked with MultiVersus Season 1 Patch

A leak with the MultiVersus Season 1 patch has revealed some of the fighters that are coming up for the game. Originally, these characters were supposed to be just hinted at. However, the hype has been cut short.

The actual characters have been leaked early with the release of a trailer and a new start-up screen. This confirms the characters coming to MultiVersus.

Black Adam

The first new character is going to be Black Adam. This is another DC character to be included, joining Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Harley Quinn who are already part of the roster. This is a natural addition though. Black Adam is going to be the lead character in an upcoming DC film. His inclusion in MultiVersus ties into the movie directly, although the appearance doesn’t look entirely based on that film.

MultiVersus will likely draw from his original appearances in comic books. That’s alongside the upcoming film. We don’t know his exact moveset yet. We can probably assume it’ll draw on these sources though.


Black Adam is a natural inclusion, Stripe is a bit of a weirder choice. He is the antagonist in the Gremlins movie.  These 80s films have a cult classic status but they’re not the most relevant to be throwing into a modern game. It shows MultiVersus won’t just be pulling from whatever property Warner bros want to promote right now though. Niche characters are coming in too.

Gizmo is probably the most famous Gremlin, but Stripe might take second place. The character appeared in both films. His moveset will likely take advantage of his smaller size, adding a unique element to this new character. 

Story Mode

One more leak that’s coming up with the MultiVersus Season 1 Patch is a story mode! These leaks come from the credits. They now include credits specifically for writers, story writers, and storyboard artists. This would imply the game is getting a story mode with some kind of plot, or at the least some cutscenes that require writing. This would be another new mode. With the two coming in Season 1, the game is looking much fuller.

MultiVersus Season 1 Patch Notes

The MultiVersus Season 1 Patch included quite a few changes to the game! High-tier characters have nerfs coming. These are the major changes in the patch:

  • Ayra – Buffs to air/ground up special, neutral air, ground side, ground down, and air/ground neutral.
  • Batman – Nerfs to air/ground side special, ground side attack, and air/ground neutral attack.
  • Bugs Bunny – Nerfs to all air specials, and ground down attack.
  • Finn – Nerfs to passive, air side special, ground/air up, air side attack, ground down and ground side. Slight buff to air special down.
  • Garnet – Buff to air/ground special and ait neutral attack.
  • Harley – Weight increased.
  • Iron Giant – Nerfs to air/ground specials.
  • Jake – Nerf to air down attack.
  • Lebron – Nerfs to air/ground side and down special, buff to air side and air neutral.
  • Reindog – Buff to air up, nerf to air/ground neutral.
  • Shaggy – Nerf to Rage specials and ground specials.
  • Superman – Nerfs to ground attacks.
  • Taz – Buff to ground/air down special and neutral special, nerfs to air/ground up special and side special.
  • Tom and jerry – Nerf to air up special and normal attack.
  • Velma – Nerfs to all air attacks, and ground special. Weight also decreased.
  • Wonder Woman – Buffs to ground/air neutral special and ground side special. Air up attack nerfed and weight increased too.

Those are the big changes with the MultiVersus Season 1 patch. We’ll have to wait and see how these changes affect the game’s balance with some of the top players getting nerfed. These are definitely going to make things more interesting for upcoming tournaments for MultiVersus.

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