Natus Vincere and Boombl4 make history at PGL Major 2021

This past weekend, Natus Vincere took home their first ever CSGO Major win with an impressive score. The boys didn’t drop a single map (10:0) in their entire run, and set a milestone in competitive CSGO. The trophy is a first for S1mple, and he can finally put the curse behind him. Natus Vincere has finally joined the eternal list of Major Winners, and Boombl4 has finally joined the eternal list of giga CHAD moves.

Here’s how it all went down.

S1mple PGL Major


NaVi’s run at PGL Stockholm Major 2021

NaVi’s run at the PGL Stockholm Major 2021 started in the New Legends Stage. Three clean wins against Heroic,, and Ninjas and Pyjamas and a +31 round differential, set NAVI up for a top seed in the bracket stage. They aren’t alone in this results however, as G2 esports got pretty much the same results in this round. Both teams seemed destined to meet deep into the tournament.

Heading into the New Champions Stage, NaVi were first up against Team Vitality, and went 2-0 against them this time. It was probably the hardest series they had to play at this event, as Vitality kept pushing them with aggressive plays and individual trickery. Even on Nuke, NaVi’s unbeatable map was greatly contested with notable performances by ZywOo and apEX.

Ultimately, Vitality was handled, and everyone turned their eyes to Gambit and the main CIS rivalry of 2021.

From analysts to experts, everyone hoped and predicted a close series hyping up Gambits deadly trio in Ax1Le, sh1ro and Hobbit. Navi was having none of that, and went up winning 2-0 once again, this time in dominating fashion (16:8, 16:3). Gambit seemed utterly lost, and there weren’t even notable moments to highlight as the series looked more like a beat down, than a duel.

Moving onto the final, NaVi faced against G2 Esports, a match per-destined a week earlier. This match also went 2-0, completing NaVi’s full run of the PGL Stockholm.

We kicked the finals off on G2’s pick: Ancient. S1mple skills with the AWP pushed them to dominate the first half and take a lead.  The second half of the match was a bit more up and down, with G2 tying things with the pistol rounds. The rest of the match got closer, but NaVi managed to pull it off. Ancient was not really exciting and everyone was looking at another beat down on Nuke.

Nuke is where we got the see a real CSGO Major Final however. G2 NiKo poured his soul into this map and really went above and beyond to get G2 ahead. The team came ever so close to challenging NaVi, with only a single Deagle shot deciding the entire series.

After the series clutching fumble, NaVi took G2 tow double overtime and ultimately won the event with an undefeated run. S1mple’s performance through the tournament has really cemented him at the top of the best CSGO players in the world list. Launching 50 frags over both maps in a Final, and ending with his personal best performance overall to date at 1.87 rating.

Boombl4’s Post-Game Moves

NaVi’s run at PGL Stockholm Major 2021 wasn’t just winning the event, we saw something pretty unique towards the end of the stream. Boombl4 took the opportunity of the post-game interview to propose to his girlfriend, who said YES via socials. The gigaCHAD move was a fun moment for everyone involved, as Boombl4 became a champion twice on the same day.

It was a great Major from start to finish, as plenty of firsts were made during the event. The first major trophy for S1mple and Natus Vincere, the first ever undefeated major run in history, and the first ever proposal at the CSGO main stage.

I hope every future tournament is as entertaining as this one.

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