Betway LEC Bonus and picking XL four weeks in a row

Fans of ExceL can rejoice as Betway lines up an LEC Bonus primed for betting on this roster each Saturday for the rest of the 2021 Spring Split.

In all fairness, Betway did not set out to make XL Esports the topic of this article, but the LEC schedule certainly did. Let’s break down the latest offering from Betway as well as how you can maximize your returns utilizing this bonus offer.

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Betway LEC Bonus

Betway is offering a matched free bet up to 10EUR on your LEC bets. Before you move forward, read our Betway Bonus review to understand their rollover mechanics and T&C.

F0r the Betway LEC Bonus to kick in, your bets must be placed on the 1st match on the schedule for each LEC Saturday in order to qualify. Additionally, the match has to offer odds higher then 1.25 on your selected winner. Esports Club bonuses are also applicable making this offer a real doozy.

With five weeks left to play, there is plenty of Saturdays left to claim this bonus. Additionally you can repeat this every week for the duration of the regular season.

These match-ups qualify for the following 5 weeks:

  • Vitality vs SK – 13th of February
  • XL vs Astralis – 20th of February
  • XL vs SK – 27th of February
  • Vitality vs XL – 6th of March
  • Schalke04 vs XL  – 13th of March

Now lets get to the interesting part of this bonus, with ExceL Gaming ending up the prime subject of your esports bets. Do keep in mind the LEC Schedule may change week upon week with the current “analysis” becoming null and void. We will try to update this offering accordingly.

XL likely winner four weeks in a row

Starting on February 20th, Excel is set to play four rematches each consecutive Saturday against teams they already beat in the first part of the season. At the current pace the LEC season is developing, we can easily expect XL to win the rematches as well. This means you have four easy ways to claim the bonus week upon week until the end of the split.

The current XL roster “excels” against each of their next four opponents. Top laner Felix “Kryze” Hellström and Jungler Daniel “Dan” Hockley can easily hold their own against each laner from their Saturday opposition rosters. Additionally, head coach Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool has probably figured out the opposition already. The six-star general will likely prepare his roster extremely well for the rematches as is tradition, making this bonus claiming business a sure thing.

In the end, it’s worth mentioning there are additional offers to pair with the current LEC bonus as well. The Betway Bonus Club offers an additional €10 free bet if you bet €25 on Esports Doubles, Trebles or Accumulators.

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