EG, Soniqs out, nouns, TSM next? – Re-vamping North American Dota 2

The North American Dota 2 scene receives the setback of its era after Evil Geniuses releases its NA roster. For many fans, this doesn’t feel shocking since EG has often featured a multi-national roster instead of pure NA players, to begin with. However, as EG reflects upon their past seasons, they have decided to venture into the South American scene instead.

EG wasn’t the only org to give up on the NA region, as Soniqs, which recently picked up Quincy Crew, also released their roster. This came as no surprise since Soniqs was eliminated in eighteenth place at TI11, alongside TeamSoloMid in last place.

We commended both these teams for entering the scene earlier this year, and now we have to watch them go less then a year in.

End of EG’s golden days

The last time EG won a grand championship, worthy of TI or Major level was the International 2015 (TI5). Seven years since then, although EG has often remained amongst the top teams in every DPC season, they never truly won a major. They are often dubbed the Third Place Curse.

Majors aside, EG under performs worse during TI Championships, and the most recent TI11 finally became the nail in the coffin. Hence, with NA’s most renowned powerhouse out of the scene, many fans fear the worst for the founding region.

Evil Geniuses at TI11

TeamSoloMid and the FTX meltdown

TSM became a pillar of NA Esports last DPC season, considering their partnership with FTX. What would have been great branding for Esports and crypto turned sour because of the recent FTX fiasco.

As such, it wasn’t long before fans speculated that TSM is likely next in line to also release their NA roster, given the terrible circumstances FTX brought. Additionally, news by Washington Post quoted TSM employees claiming TSM entered the Dota 2 scene in a bid to please FTX. This makes TSM look like they didn’t actually have a righteous cause to support NA teams.

Another TSM employee breaks the silence

After the negativity from various articles, Walter from TSM clarified on TSM’s motives to be in the Dota 2 scene. He reaffirmed that FTX didn’t have much involvement in TSM’s decision to sign the NA team, Team Undying. Instead, TSM’s mission has always been to compete in championships of the biggest Esports in the world, be it League of Legends, CS:GO, and of course, Dota 2.

As such, they wouldn’t be following the recent trend of NA powerhouses bailing out on the NA scene for its more affordable SA counterpart. To quote Walter from TSM,

“If EG doesn’t want to take up the mantle for NA Dota anymore, we gladly will.”

North American Dota 2 hopes for better days

It’s certainly the end of an era, not for NA Dota, but for Evil Geniuses. We need new pillars in the NA scene, who are willing to remain true to their roots.

It goes without saying that TeamSoloMid will be the team to look to. That said, TSM will still be revamping their Dota 2 roster in the coming weeks, so we would be thrilled to see who the next NA representatives at DPC 2023 are.