Quincy Crew finds home with Soniqs ahead of Dota 2 Arlington Major

The wait for sponsors finally ended for Quincy Crew, a day ahead of the Arlington Major. QC is the latest North American team to get signed by a major esports namesake, which is a healthy sign of a thriving Dota 2 region.

For years, Quincy Crew remained as an independent squad competing amongst the likes of powerhouses, such as TeamSoloMid, Evil Geniuses, and even Nouns Esports.

Soniqs signs Quincy Crew

For the uninitiated, Soniqs is a well-established esports organization that has been a staple in various esports titles, namely PUBG, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege.

The move to pick up Quincy Crew is reasonable, considering how consistent Quincy Crew has been. They are also playing at Arlington Major, which will sign the spotlight on Soniqs’ debut in Dota 2. And as icing on the cake, Soniqs is still in the running to secure the top twelve in DPC Leaderboards, which will secure them a direct invite to the International 11 (TI11).

In fact, it’s surprising how Quincy Crew remained unsponsored for three DPC seasons since they are founded back in 2018. If anything, Quincy Crew’s founding members deserve the credit for staying relevant in the NA scene. They have often gone head-to-head against other NA rivals and attended their first TI last year.

Thus, chances are, they are well off, to begin with, thanks to their success and performance. Nevertheless, having sponsors is always beneficial for covering finances, accommodation, and equipment.

Soniqs at Arlington Major 2022

The announcement made just a day before the Arlington Major is just the hype and anticipation Soniqs fans need. Arlington Major is the decisive final major to secure as many DPC points before Valve finalizes direct invites to TI11.

Additionally, it’s also the first major, where we are getting participation from every region, namely China which has been isolated since two majors ago.

Sonqs are one of the two NA representatives to participate in the major. There were already talks about how well “home teams” fare off against regional rivals. After all, Soniqs is the direct substitute for former NA representative, TeamSoloMid who fell off in DPC NA Tour 3, but already garnered recognition as Stockholm Major finalists and direct invite to TI11.

That’s the benchmark for Soniqs going into the Arlington Major, which they can only achieve such feat if they secure a top-six finish. Nevertheless, fans have their hopes high for Soniqs as the ‘new’ player in the scene. Additionally, the Arlington Major as their first debut is just the ambiguity in strategy they need to catch opponents off-guard.

North American Dota scene in the bigger picture

While many fans believe Soniqs’ investment in Quincy Crew is all thanks to the latter’s recent success. The truth is that the NA region as an esports mill played a role too. If anything, it’s TSM (formerly Team Undying), which sparked the trend of successful NA team investments. Furthermore, their phenomenal victory at Stockholm Major while putting EG to shame indicated how close EG’s rivals have come.

As such, there’s no longer a single NA powerhouse’s monopoly in the scene when we have got several notable rivals. Alongside TSM, is Nouns Esports (formerly 4 Zoomers), which has seen constructive improvements since Nouns DAO project signed them.

TI10 was a championship, which didn’t favor the North American teams as all NA participants dropped out before the top eight finishes. Not to rub salt on NA anymore, we will likely expect the similar trio at TI11, featuring TSM, EG, and Soniqs.

Anyways, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan and Yawar “YawaR” Hassan deserve a mention here as the founding members of Quincy Crew. They went through thick and thin, which only loyal Quincy Crew fans would know how far they came.