Nouns DAO signs 4 Zoomers as their official Dota 2 team

4 Zoomers win big on a sponsorship deal, another win for the North American Dota 2 scene. Tough luck, Quincy Crew, better luck next DPC.

We’ve repeated consistently how poor the situation in NA Dota 2 is, with teams struggling to find host organizations and sponsors season after season. 4Z finally hits the jackpot, but it seems to come at a cost. It’s typically good news when a team gets sponsorship, fans seem divided on the news, and perhaps non-fungible tokens (NFTs) might be to blame.

Nouns Moo

These new glasses do fit nicely

4 Zoomers becomes Nouns Esports

Nouns Esports will kick off their debut in DPC Tour 3, after the Stockholm Major 2022. However, you can catch them in action under their new brand name at the BTS Pro Series Season 11 Americas.

4 Zoomers are a relatively consistent team in the DPC NA scene, having remained in Division 1 bracket for a lengthy period. Build on pub stars, Nicolas “Gunnar” Lopez and Zakari William Lee “Zfreek” Freedman, plus TI6 runner-up, David “Moo” Hull, 4 Zoomers are a relatively seasoned team with massive potential.

Even so, their performance at DPC NA Tour 2 (5th) has been their worst thus far. Just one additional loss and 4 Zoomers might have gotten demoted into Division 2. Compare the recent performance to prior seasons, when they often go neck-to-neck with Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses, you can relate to how disappointing it has been to be a 4 Zoomers fan.

The Nouns sponsorship will hopefully provide 4 Zoomers with financially sustainable revenue. This would mean better gaming house accommodations, and even keep their current coach, Andrei-Vlad “Mangusu” Sateanu.

The NFT Controversy

I guess the 4 Zoomers’ sponsorship would be well-received if it wasn’t an NFT-related sponsorship. However, tying themselves to an NFT project instantly got them in trouble.

Fortunately, there is some saving grace with Noun DAO’s NFT. With their motto, “One Noun auction, every day, forever,” it’s a different take on the NFT-centric project. The Noun that is generated per 24 hours will go onto auction, where the revenue will be added to the Nouns treasury. Auction participants and Noun owners govern this treasury via a voting feature.

For what it’s worth, Nouns’ auction and voting implementation on their randomly generated NFT is a unique take over traditional image-based NFT. As the art itself isn’t the main selling point of the Nouns DAO, instead it’s the community-driven process.

Welcoming Nouns ⌐◨-◨ into DPC

Well then, 4 Zoomers really can’t be picky here with the sponsorship, given their current state, unimpressive at best. Plus, it certainly doesn’t seem like Nouns DAO has an ulterior motive to promote the sales of their NFT besides gaining a larger user base.

Sponsorships aside, it’s high time Nouns Esports pick up the pace and start grinding. Bootcamps, training, a roster shuffle if necessary! We have witnessed many mediocre teams gain sponsorships in the past, only to have these parties drop out of it in mere months. After all, nobody enjoys watching an underwhelming team.

We are definitely “pro”nouns here, and hope the former Zoomers get the support they deserve.

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