BTS Pro Series Season 11 Americas/SEA – Dota 2 action throughout May

BTS Pro Series S11 is the battleground for upcoming DPC Tour 3 candidates. Consider this an early glimpse into what the final Tour’s competitors look like. The battle between the fallen teams of DPC (2021-22) Tour 2 is more exhilarating than meets the eye.

For one, the participants include the unfortunate candidates, which didn’t qualify for the Stockholm Major 2022.

BTS PRO Series Season 11

BTS Pro Series Season 11 Tournament Format and Teams

Spanning over a month from April 25 –May 29, the BTS Pro Series Season 11 is currently hosting the Phase 1 and 2 stages.

Phase 1 is a double elimination playoffs bracket, consisting of best-of-three matches, where only four teams can qualify for Phase 2. As the name suggests, the second round of group stage matches, features single round-robin best-of-two matches. The top four teams advance to upper bracket of Phase 3, while the fifth-eight place teams still earn a slot in the lower bracket. Bottom seeds are eliminated.

Phase 3 will go on a hiatus until May 25, presumably to allocate time for the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022. When teams return for the final phase, it’s double-elimination best-of-three matches, except grand finals being best-of-five.

BTS Pro Series Season 11 Teams & Key Narratives

The BTS Pro Series Season 11 gathered quite the selection of participants as usual, specifically thirteen teams in SEA and Americas respectively. However, only nine teams will play in Phase 2 after the decisive Phase 1 matches conclude.

BTS Pro Series Season 11 Southeast Asia has prominent candidates such as Execration, Army Geniuses, and Motivate.Trust Gaming to play in Phase 1 alongside amateur teams, UD Vessuwan, Patriots, KOBOLDS, M Y, and Yangon Galacticos. More notably are the invitees in Phase 2 seeds, such as Polaris Esports, Nigma Galaxy SEA, Neon Esports, Lilgun, and RSG.

Meanwhile, BTS Pro Series Season 11 Americas will see the selection of North and South American teams. Wildcard Gaming, 4 Zoomers, The Cut, Hokori, and Osmium (the former remnants of Thunder Predator). Interestingly, the Phase 1 seeds have familiar faces, such as Infamous, Infinity, felt, Team DogChamp, and NoPing e-sports. The rest of them include 5RATFORCESTAFF, Ravens, and The Mystery Machine.

RSG makes their SEA debut

It’s been a while since we last heard a new Esports org invest in Dota 2’s ludicrous yet exciting pro scene. For one, RSG isn’t your average run-in-the-mill team of amateurs looking to get their share of DPC action. The team is led by decent professionals, such as Lee “X1aOyU” Qian Yu and Roger “Roddgeee” Tan Boon Thye. They even had enough funds to recruit the renowned veteran player, Khoo “Ohaiyo” Chong Xin as coach.

Team RSG’s Dota 2 line-up

Nevertheless, we can’t be certain whether RSG can fair up against the likes of other recent powerhouses in SEA. For instance, the current DPC SEA Tour 2 is monopolized by BOOM Esports and Fnatic. While T1 and Polaris Esports are closing behind in terms of strength too.

Anyways, we won’t be seeing RSG in this DPC at all, but perhaps a shot at the International 11 (TI11) regional qualifiers is their best opportunity to make it into the scene.

Polaris Esports asserts dominance as top DPC SEA candidate

It’s rather unfortunate to be a Polaris Esports fan right now after they fail to qualify for Stockholm Major. On paper, Polaris is arguably a top seed among DPC SEA opponents despite the team’s first debut in Division 1.

As the fourth-place team in DPC SEA Tour 2, Polaris is certainly the biggest threat to other participants. Their execution and synergy during fights left viewers in awe. While their drafts and power scaling into the late game can use some rework, Polaris is capable of giving stronger teams a run for their money.

Hokori rises to the top

The South American DPC scene is covertly underrated for whatever reason maybe. Some say that their poor showing at TI10 despite having four representatives is the reason. Either way, the scene has evolved since last season. For one, the Thunder Awaken line-up that is playing in Stockholm Major are not TI10 representatives, nor was Hokori.

Hence, watching Hokori’s recent rise into the bigger picture is surely a step in the right direction for them. While Hokori did not make the cut for Stockholm Major after losing the tiebreaker to beastcoast, its commendable progress to rise to the top three in DPC SA. Most notably, we saw a change in tactics and roster which built Hokori towards playing more durable drafts and sustainability. Which is a no-brainer against the likes of today’s meta, where opponents attempt to snowball midgame.

Another notable team participating in BTS Pro Series Season 11 Americas is 4 Zoomers, a household name in North America. However, 4 Zoomers quickly find themselves at the short end of the stick in DPC Tour 2 when Wildcard Gaming overthrew them for a fourth-place finish.

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