DarkZero, Oxygen and Soniqs rolling through R6 NA League Stage 1

The North American R6 League Stage 1 has just launched into its regular-season segment. Until April 22nd, the 9 participating teams will be fighting it out in a single round, Bo1 round-robin format. Throughout, teams will be collecting points towards their Six Invitational invites and ranking for prize money.

The participating teams are the invited Beastcoast, XSET and Mirage, as well as the Season 2020 qualifiers: DarkZero Esports, Disrupt Gaming, Oxygen Esports, Spacestation Gaming, Susquehanna Soniqs, and Team SoloMid.

In total, these teams are battling for their share of the $175k prize pool. The winner will receive $77.5k as well as 510 SI points towards the Six Invitational 2022. As of April 7th, the team in the lead is DarkZero, with TSM and Susquehanna close behind. The only team not to have yet collected any points according to the Stage 1 point system is XSET.

R6 NA Stage 1

The rest of Stage 1 and beyond

Naturally, after Stage 1, there will be a Stage 2 and 3. Both of these stages will have 10 teams competing for $50k per event. In other words, if you’re interested in the prize pool, then Stage 1 is definitely the most impressive of the three. Following the third stage, four teams will be able to qualify for the finals – and they will be competing once again for a $150k prize pool.

As for the continuation of Stage 1, there is still quite a bit left to go – only 3 playdays have happened, and there are still 6 left to go. Fans have quite a lot to look forward to. Favorites for R6 betting in this league are Oxygen, DarkZero and Soniqs who are all likely to beat all other opponents and only drop matches in their head2head duels.

If you are looking into Rainbow 6 betting, these are your main favorites in every match they play, and when they play each other you should go for a high round count.

Finally, after its incredible recovery from an awful start, the R6 esport didn’t just take North America by storm, but the rest of the world too – which is why, if you find yourself looking for even more R6 content to watch (or bet on) look at the European and LATAM leagues – they too have some incredible talent and exciting matches going!

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