Notable teams struggling to keep up in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021

Oh, how the tides have turned at the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 Season 2. After the Singapore Major concluded, the top six teams convinced everyone to board their bandwagon that they were the best in class. Yet, these teams are anything but top seeds on the fourth week of the DPC 2021 Season 2.

Invictus Gaming, Team Secret, PSG.LGD or even the chaotic underdogs, Thunder Predator, have earned praise in their Singapore Major showing. Their domestic seasons however, leave much to be desired.

Team Secret

Team Secret’s rocky start at DreamLeague S15

Team Secret was the only EU representative to make it past the semi-finals at Singapore Major. Even so, a fourth-place finish is nothing to brag about, considering how prominent Team Secret was earlier this year.

Jump to present, Team Secret is finding it challenging to keep up with its European rivals, notably Alliance and Nigma. Both teams put a dent on Team Secret’s scores as Team Secret struggled to stay in the top seeds. Although they managed to secure much-needed victories from less promising participants. Their days are still numbered if they continue with this sloppy performance.

This weekend, Team Secret is up against OG. Both powerhouses are even on the scoreboard, but whoever snatches this game will probably be better off securing slots at the major.

Where does the Singapore Major champs Invictus Gaming stand?

IG rocked the Dota 2 community when they pulled off a comeback series against Evil Geniuses at Singapore Major. While Zhou “Emo” Yi’s flamboyant taunts struck a nerve among EG players and plausibly got them to lose their composure, the same trick didn’t work twice in DPC Season 2 China.

IG, amongst other Chinese powerhouses, is in a power struggle to claim the top spots at DPC Season 2 China. Unfortunately, the major champion seems to be on the losing end of this trade. As of week 4, IG has only garnered one win in their book and two losses. Considering the heavy competition in China, it wouldn’t be shocking if IG actually misses out on the second major altogether.

Well, not the worst thing in the Dota 2 scene since these folks are pretty much guaranteed a direct invite to the International 10.

Move aside Thunder Predator and OB Esports x Neon

Was it a Singapore Major fluke? Both Thunder Predator and OB Esports x Neon from South America and SEA regions respectively, are seemingly losing their battles. It’s as if they lost all that steam from their unquenchable thirst for success in Singapore Major.

Thunder Predator has just concluded their fourth week’s worth of matches at OGA DPC South America. The results were mediocre at best, with three wins and two losses. This would have been adequate if it was Europe or China’s regional league, but OGA DPC South America only offers two major slots. With NoPing e-sports and beastcoast holding the top two seeds at a considerable margin, it’s certainly looking grim for all the South American Dota fans.

Over at SEA, Neon is also struggling to stay afloat as TNC Predator, Execration, and BOOM Esports currently hold dominance over the Dota 2 DPC SEA Season 2. This is certainly disappointing, considering how the Filipino squad rose to fame at Singapore Major. They even gave Team Secret a run for their money when they narrowly won the series.

Despite being fan favorites in Dota 2 betting. It’s a shame that we might not be seeing these teams at the second major of DPC 2021. Nevertheless, their past accomplishments and DPC points collected thus far might actually be enough to make up for their poor recent performance.

Before we pop their bubbles, there are still two weeks of DPC 2021 (approximately two matches remaining for each team) to pull off a home run. Our curated esports bookmakers provide reliable resources to keep track of these matches.