Offbrand – Ludwig Launches Content Creation Company

Ludwig has gone to new heights since he left Twitch. Between hosting Fortnite tournaments, he’s found time for new ventures and adventures. This week Ludwig is launching a new creative agency built around facilitating streamers expanding their creative output. It’s called Offbrand.

One of their first projects sounds exciting, if a little weird, it’s going to be an xQc game show.

Ludwig Offbrand

Ludwig’s Offbrand Content Creation Agency

Ludwig has gone from a huge name in Smash Bros to being one of the biggest streamers out there. His Twitch subathons were record-breaking, yet he eventually made the jump over to YouTube and reinvigorated the debate over YouTube vs Twitch. Since making the move though, he’s expanded out. He hosts tournaments, and even held a game show on the platform. These exciting new types of content creation seem to have inspired Ludwig to go even further.

The new company called Offbrand is going to be alongside the streamer Stanz, manager Nick Allen, and a former Twitch marketing specialist Atroic. The agency is going to be helping content creators to expand out into new areas. They’re aiming to help streamers go beyond their normal types of videos. Something a bit more extra than just a Livestream.

Talking about founding the agency, Ludwig discussed the longevity of a normal streamer’s career:

“I’ve always accepted the fact that there will be a point where my career ends… Rather than fear that and try to maintain success for as long as possible, I love the idea of helping other creators make things that I think are cool”.

This could mean the agency points to a move towards the behind-the-scenes side of streaming for Ludwig. Or at least at some point in the future. He isn’t likely to be giving up content creation any time soon, he’s one of the most popular names in streaming. However, he seems to have plans. Looking beyond the natural lifespan of a streamer should help give Ludwig longevity.

xQc’s Game Show

One of the first projects for Offbrand is going to involve xQc, Twitch’s most viewed streamer. A six-part game show has been announced called Juiced. There aren’t many details just yet. However, it seems like it’ll be inspired by 90s game shows and features xQc in a big role. It’s going to be launching its very first episode on September 30th.

Having xQc as a first client definitely gets Offbrand off to a big start. If the Ludwig creation company can continue to pull in streamers of this calibre, they might become a pretty central name to the entire streaming environment. xQc’s show is the only project so far. However, Offbrand looks like it’s off to a great start.