OGA Dota PIT Season 6 China Match Predictions and Analysis

The OGA Dota PIT Season 6 China is set to be a diverse conglomerate of fan favorites and fallen powerhouses. The result at Dota Pro Circuit China has been shocking and disappointing. Notably, Invictus Gaming took a beating from its opponents and relegation to amateur league, Division 2. Whereby, the top spots are surprisingly occupied by new players in the Chinese pro scene.

Let’s take a look at the opening matches in the OGA Pit S6 Playoffs and break down each matchup.

OGA Dota PIT Season 6 China Playoffs Match-up

Team Aster vs Team MagMa

The OGA Dota PIT Season 6 China kicks off with a one-sided match between Team Aster and Team MagMa. The more established team, Aster, promises threatening initiations and game-winning combo in their drafts. Couple that with high-profile players, who have showcased phenomenal skill in the game, and it’s not difficult to comprehend that Aster is powerful.

MagMa, albeit the less formidable team, has achievements in their rights. For instance, MagMa and Xtreme Gaming will make up the selection of Division 1 teams for the Tour of DPC2021-22.

If there’s one piece of advice for MagMa later today, it would be to study how Royal Never Give Up gave Aster a run for their money. In the recent DPC Regional Finals, RNG’s entry was considered the underdogs since they placed behind Aster in Division 1. Yet, they swept the floor versus Aster, which garnered attention on how RNG did it.

Essentially, RNG banned various meta heroes that are frequent picks in DPC2021-22, such as Io, Templar Assassin, and Phantom Assassin. Sealing much of Aster’s typical drafts forced the powerhouse into an awkward drafting situation, whereby Aster had to use their last pick as a counter hero. MagMa could potentially rival Aster if they start off with a poorly strategized draft.

Regardless, expect the odds to be in favor of Aster at x1.14 versus MagMa at x5.38 returns.

PSG.LGD vs Invictus Gaming

A downhill spiral best describes the former major champion’s situation in DPC2021-22. Invictus Gaming was arguably one of the favorites heading into DPC but lost all their matches except one. With their expected destination to be the Division 2 next Tour, IG’s fanbase is evidently disappointed.

PSG.LGD, winners at the DPC2021-22 Division 1 and DPC CN Regional Finals as well. There’s no local rival, that can go head-to-toe against the giant. In short, PSG.LGD is very much in their element and morale is surely off the roof after their undisputed victory.

While IG figures out how to get by and qualify for the International 11 (TI11), PSG.LGD will take the series without any competition. The Dota 2 odds favor PSG.LGD at x1.21 against IG at x4.23 returns.

EHOME vs Vici Gaming

Putting aside EHOME’s namesake as one of China’s eldest Esports org, this team features a revamped line-up of fresh faces. The DPC2021-22 became EHOME’s stage to showcase their new formation, and it isn’t shabby against the likes of other seasoned teams. After the DPC games, EHOME shows promises to become a TI11 hopeful. Whereas we can’t say the same for Vici Gaming, which also sports a new roster, but isn’t quite polished.

However, EHOME’s strategy felt blatantly straightforward for a top-four finisher. There are no mind games involved, and it makes EHOME seems like they are occupied with themselves. The team drafts around midgame potential, and excessively bans late-game carries. Somehow, EHOME is absurdly confident in their Templar Assassin games to snowball every match.

Meanwhile, Vici Gaming responds to the lack of late-game carries by playing the midgame strategy as well. However, it just isn’t as effective as EHOME’s well-thought draft and pace of the match. Nevertheless, it’s one of those rare match-ups that aren’t too one-sided in favor of the more achieved team. EHOME has x1.54 odds versus VG at a close x2.42 odds, which is a good indicator that VG has some fight in them.

Royal Never Give Up vs Xtreme Gaming

RNG and Xtreme Gaming are two peas of the same pod. For starters, the remnants of former PSG.LGD roster now drive the success at RNG. They went head-on versus their former org in DPC CN Regional Finals but unfortunately did not prevail.

Meanwhile, remnants of the former Vici Gaming roster currently fuel Xtreme Gaming’s crash course into Division 1. Xtreme Gaming won the Division 2 bracket recently and will play with the titans next Tour.

While RNG has the grander accomplishment at DPC2021-22, the fans have high hopes for Xtreme to give the lather a run for their money. After all, the veteran players have had one too many rounds with each other, and likely understand each other’s antics. Oddly enough, the odds are evenly matched at x1.83 returns for both rivals on GG.BET

The OGA Dota PIT Season 6 China right after the DPC2021-22 Regional Finals gives us good insight into what we can expect in the upcoming Tour. Except for Invictus Gaming, the rest of the league are candidates playing at Division 1. Hence, it’s a reliable Dota 2 betting testing ground for keen betting enthusiasts at DPC2021-22 Tour 2.