Heroic becoming a European powerhouse after Omaken acquisition

Nordic esports organisation Omaken sports made a pretty big purchase after buying up the Danish esports org Heroic. The previous PUBG gods have now made their entry into CS:GO and are well on their way to take Europe by storm.

Although Omaken bought Heroic and not the other way around, the brand will continue under the name Heroic – already, they announced plans to merge their PUBG roster into Heroic to continue under that name.

Omaken acquires Heroic

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Heroic acquisition detes

Omaken is still a pretty new company – founded in 2020, it was created by influencer Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen. They recently, raised over $18 million USD for the explicit purpose of buying up and developing Heroic.

The pervious Heroic CEO, and now CGO, Erik Askered said:

“We’re incredibly excited to continue the Heroic journey in the Omaken Sports group, and proud to have been acquired by them. We’ve long wanted to expand and have felt that the organisation and brand has so much more potential, and finally we are able to execute that and become a multi-game organisation among other things. We’re looking forward to share news to the community on the upcoming expansions!”

Heroic has a slightly longer history – the brand has been around since 2016, when it was established as part of the RFRSH Entertainment group. If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the same brand who also owned esports org Astralis and tournament organiser BLAST. Because of restrictions on the number of teams owned by one company (to keep competitions fair), they were forced to sell Heroic to Seranades Global in November 2018.

While the exact purchase price wasn’t declared, Omaken recently completed a funding round worth NOK 150M (~18M USD). The funding was collected from undisclosed investors, and as mentioned, is primarily dedicated to buying Heroic.

The brand has already made its own announcement, including assurances that their existing teams etc will stay the same – and players under the Heroic banner have already spoken up.

CS:GO Team captain Casper “cadiaN” Møller says:

“I am super excited about our new future. With Omaken acquiring Heroic, we will have some really strong investors in the project that are hungry to develop us and the esports scene. The vision of a Scandinavian powerhouse is super exciting to be a part of, and to be part of it from the start is something me and my teammates are incredibly proud of. I think this is a big applause to the work the organization and team has done throughout the last years.”

What it all means for EU Esports

The organization now owns two rosters who are at the pinnacle of European esports. Heroic has stormed the standings in the CS:GO scene in the latter part of 2020, and is now 5th in both the HLTV and ESL rankings. A win at ESL One Cologne 2020 and DreamHack Open Fall 2020 have cemented the team among the top contenders in Europe. They are set to play their initial run at IEM Katowice 2021 later on today.

The Omaken PUBG roster was aquired in 2020 and took the scene by storm. Very strong runs at all three PCS events and the Charity Showdown put OMK at the top of the Power Rankings. Sadly, we are not seeing the roster at PGI.S Korea this spring, but we know that under the new Heroic banner they will be among the Top 5 European teams.

All of that, paired with the fact Heroic acquired fencer Troels Robl as a mental & performance coach to boost up the teams performance, spells great news for the organization this season. Do not be surprised if you see Heroic becoming a household name within EU esports this season.

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