Omega League Playoffs – Matches to look forward to

It has been a gruesome month of Dota 2 over at the Omega League Europe Immortal Division. Finally, the group stage concluded and we have our top 8 teams, who secured a spot in the Playoffs. It’s not the end of the road for the remaining teams however, as they proceed to the Divine Division for redemption.

As “predicted” the usual suspects made it all the way to the playoffs, with the four teams we hailed as favorites all in the Winners Bracket.

Omega League Playoffs – Matches to look forward to

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Omega League Immortal Division Europe Playoffs

The top two teams from respective groups earned the upper bracket spot in the Playoffs. The mentioned teams are no other than Team Secret, OG, Team Nigma and Evil Geniuses. Even so, there’s still a heavy favorite among these worthy teams, that is Team Secret, who did not lose a single series to boot.

Meanwhile, the teams who secured a third-place finish, and, will have to work slightly harder down at the lower bracket. As for the remaining two lower bracket slots, Alliance and Team Liquid, managed to survive the Play-in stage by the skin of their teeth.

This also meant, Natus Vincere and NiP were sent packing into the Divine Divsion. Our initial choice would have been FlyToMoon and 5men, but they did play an extra series in the play-ins before being relegated.

Brutal tweets from Team Secret

Once again, Team Secret did not hold back on any of their brutal tweets directed to team OG. The grudgeful rivalry between the duo dates back to when team OG offlane player, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, called out Team Secret, for their arrogance.

Needless to say, Team Secret placed Ceb on their priority list of victims to roast for when they ever have the opportunity. And let’s just say, Team Secret took every single opportunity they could to roast Ceb and OG alike. In the Omega League specifically, right after their clean victory over OG, they tweeted several steps on finding the chat wheel in-game for OG.

This was because team OG players were unusually quiet and reluctant with their use of chat wheels, despite their infamy for spamming the chat wheel during the entire game. Later, Team Secret did not overlook the chance to roast OG again after OG lost to Team Liquid while ‘copying’ their own drafts.

In the tweet, they quoted: “Good players copy, great players steal. But sometimes it’s not about the draft”.

A second chance at the Omega League Divine Division Europe

As for the two bottom dwellers of respective groups, besides bagging home at least 2,500 USD, they still stand a chance to play in the lower iteration of the Omega League, the Divine Division.

While it may not be as exciting as getting crushed by Team Secret, there is still decent competition here. Not to mention that the first-place reward of 10,000 USD is undeniably generous for most amateur teams.

Joining the rest of the Divine Division participants are, FlyToMoon, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere and Ninjas in Pyjamas. They will be more than grateful for the second chance in the Omega League. Besides, these four honorable guests are entitled to upper bracket spots in the Divine Division to kick things off immediately.

The Underdogs,

After the tasty roast, let’s shine some spotlight at the underdogs, Unlike the other participants, had to play countless games before qualifying for the Immortal Division. and 5men were the two victors from the closed qualifiers, and shockingly, here they are against all the odds, with a spot in the Playoffs.

Besides winning three clutches against familiar faces such as Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas and FlyToMoon, they were even able to take a game off OG. Frankly, looking back at their clash versus OG, they certainly gave OG and its fans a run for their money after winning the first game.

Nonetheless, proved to be a worthy addition to the invite list for upcoming tournaments.

Upset by Navi

Hailing from CIS region, Navi is one of the biggest powerhouses from the region. While they do spot a wholly revamped roster this season, they certainly had their runs in multiple instances. For instance, when Navi unexpectedly took a clean series off the NA giants, Evil Geniuses, the fans are rather excited of their victory and anticipated more.

Unfortunately, that would turn out to be the only victory that Navi tasted in the Omega League as they claim the last place in their group. Alongside, is Ninjas in Pyjamas who also performed miserably over at their respective group. Regardless, the two teams will still have a shot at redemption, and it would be at the Europe Divine Division. Here, they will face familiar faces, such as the likes of HellRaisers and Cyber Legacy, awaiting their untimely arrival.

While the top eight enjoy a short break before their Playoffs begin, it’s a perfect time to look over the matchups and Dota 2 odds.

Team Nigma will face OG in an El Clásico of the Internationals 2019 Grand Finals. Whereas, Evil Geniuses is still scuffling for ways to defeat the undisputed 2020 kings, Team Secret. Down at the lower bracket Virtus.Pro and Liquid battle for survival. The Vikinggs we praised will have to overcome Alliance if they want to stay in the competition.

Based on how these match-ups turned up. This is the closest we will get to a TI style bracket this season.

The first Playoffs Matches are are set to begin September 2, 2020 – 17:00 CEST. You can follow all the action at WePlay!’s official Twitch Channel.

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