OpTic $100k Warzone 2 Tournament Teams Revealed

In a bid to be at the front of the queue, OpTic Texas is hosting North America’s first Warzone 2 tournament. This event, which will be toting a $100k prize pool, will unfold over the course of two days, and some of the biggest names in Call of Duty content creation and competition have been invited. Recently, OpTic Texas took to social media to fully reveal the complete spread of teams stepping up to the plate during this tournament.

Unfortunately, the Warzone 2 platform is in a bit of an awful state at the moment. Since the game launched on the 16th of November, it has been plagued with issues including obnoxiously high ping, movement mechanic abuse, connectivity issues, and on the PC version of the game, the dreaded ‘Scan and Repair’. For many fans of the platform, there are suggestions that this tournament shouldn’t go ahead until the game is in a better state.

But the board is now set, and the pieces are ready to move.

Who is Playing in the OpTic $100k Warzone 2 Tournament?

For the Creator Tournament portion of the event, eight teams have been selected and invited by OpTic Texas:

optic texas tournament

Image Credit: OpTic Texas

It’s a prestigious list, with some of the best Call of Duty streamers in the business making the cut. This is effectively the opener for the tournament, and this stage alone should draw in hundreds of thousands of viewers across both Twitch and YouTube. Recently, rules on the Twitch platform were changed, meaning that streamers will no longer be penalised for playing with Dr Disrespect, who was mysteriously banned from the platform in 2020.

Following the Creator Tournament, a Warzone Competitive Duo Tourney will kick in, featuring the following thirty-two teams:

optic texas tournament roster

Image Credit: OpTic Texas

Again, there’s a staggering amount of talent on the roster, making it difficult to zero in on a potential winner. For instance, Rated and Fifakill will be teaming up, with the latter coming in as the recent winner of the World Series of Warzone EU Solos event. There’s also the team of BobbyPoff and Crimsix, arguably two of the most capable competitors on the list, with the latter being one of the winningest esports players in the history of Call of Duty.

How to Watch the OpTic Texas Warzone 2 Tournament

This is such a prolific event that it’s being broadcasted primarily through Call of Duty’s own Twitch channel. It’ll also be co-streamed by as many creators as possible, to maximise the spread and draw in hundreds of thousands of viewers. Between the 21st and the 22nd of November, this is the place to be for Warzone 2 fans, regardless of how shaky the platform is at the moment.

Following this tournament, the Call of Duty competitive season kicks off in earnest. There’s so little time left before one of the biggest kick-off events in the history of Call of Duty esports takes place, live in Raleigh, North Carolina. At this event, the Call of Duty League, Call of Duty Challengers, and the Call of Duty Mobile Championship will all take place under the same roof.