Fifakill Wins $100k WSoW Event Amidst Troubling Dev Errors

Following BBlade’s back-to-back wins in the EU Finals, the NA Finals have wrapped up and, once again, history has been made. Last night, in one of the most intense single Warzone matches to ever take place, Fifakill stormed to the top spot, securing the $100k grand prize in the SoloYolo category. It was a dramatic event that cemented Fifakill as one of the best Warzone players in the world. He is well known for breaking records in the game, but this latest achievement tops them all.

However, all wasn’t entirely well in the world of Warzone, as the tournament played out under a barrage of bugs and errors. During the World Series of Warzone event, the likes of Aydan and ZLaner (among many others) were hit with a slew of dev errors that booted them out of the game. It was an aggravating moment for the competitors, especially considering a restart wasn’t honoured, and the players effectively lost that round without even getting started.

The World Series of Warzone is Over

There’s no doubt that Fifakill is one of the best Warzone players in the world. He has gone from strength to strength in the last year or so, picking up numerous records and securing some of the biggest prizes in the game. In April, he was part of a duo with Jukeyz, and at TimtheTatman’s $150k Kill Race event, he secured the grand prize. Now, Fifakill has defied the odds and beaten an entire lobby to pick up $100k – by far and wide the biggest single win of his career so far.

You can re-watch the moment Fifakill snatched the win in this clip:

Unfortunately, some of the most typical Warzone issues surfaced in the tournament, particularly when the Trios category was playing out. While the trio of Skullface, Mayappo, and Hisoka dominated the board to pick up a near-effortless win, it wasn’t a journey without its issues. As reported by Aydan, the game was plagued by the dev errors that have been so common for more than a year, meaning some players were quite literally kicked from the game.

It was a devastating moment for some, made worse by the fact that the tournament organisers refused to facilitate any kind of restart or replay.

What’s Next for Warzone?

For a while, Warzone has been falling short in terms of the community driving it forwards. Since Caldera was released, players have been wondering if Warzone is dying, but fortunately, the future is now bright for what is one of the best battle royale games in history.

Later this year, in November, we’ll see the launch of Warzone 2, which we’re hoping will be an entirely different experience from what we’ve known and (sometimes) loved since March 2020. There’s almost no information on the upcoming Warzone release, but following Call of Duty: Next on September 15th, we should have the full breakdown of what’s coming for Warzone.

Stick around for more info.