OpTic Gaming Signs Botez Sisters, Minx, and Miko

OpTic Gaming has just signed four female creators, all of them powerhouses of streaming with a massive collective following. This bolsters OpTic Gaming’s reach by bringing in more than four million followers, which the four content creators have amassed over several years of building their own communities. These signings consist of the Botez Sisters, Alexandra and Andrea, JustaMinx, and CodeMiko.

Not only is this a monumental signing in terms of follower acquisition, but it’s also a diverse expansion of what OpTic Gaming already offers. Firstly, the Botez Sisters are best known for their remarkable chess content on Twitch. Then, there’s JustaMinx, a charismatic creator with more than two million followers. Finally, the collection is topped off with CodeMiko, a creator that uses a combination of personable content and deeply realistic motion capture technology to create innovative, unique streams.

Expanding The OpTic Ranks

In one fell swoop, OpTic Gaming has secured some of the top female talent in the world of content creation. As an iconic ‘friend group’, the foursome joins OpTic Gaming as a unit, having been assembled as a content creation team by Envy back in January of 2022. Since then, the group has resided in a content house in Los Angeles, producing streams and videos that are designed to entertain millions of viewers.

Last year, in November, it was revealed that OpTic Gaming and Envy would merge, uniting the two brands. However, in June 2022, Envy Gaming was effectively retired, and all Envy-related entities were re-branded as OpTic Gaming. At present, it’s unknown if the group will remain in Los Angeles, or if they’ll relocate to Texas to be closer to the home of OpTic Gaming. For some, this group was already under the OpTic Gaming banner, but this signing makes it official.

Here’s a breakdown of the four creators:

  • Alexandra and Andrea Botez: Canadian-Romanian chess streamers with one of the biggest followings in the vertical.
  • Youna ‘CodeMiko’ Kang: An advanced ‘VTuber’ creating innovative content through a 3D virtual persona.
  • Rebecca ‘JustaMinx’: An entertaining and charismatic creator with a massive, supportive community.

In recent months, OpTic Gaming has been expanding its ranks, opening up its doors to creators and streamers. This signing represents the latest step on the path of a brand domination, with OpTic Gaming seeking to become one of the biggest names in esports and content creation.

At present, OpTic Gaming competes in Call of Duty, Rocket League, Halo, Valorant, and Apex Legends. In the past, the organisation has fielded teams in CSGO, Gears of War, PUBG, Fortnite, Dota 2, and League of Legends.