OpTic Texas Remains Only Team Unbeaten in Major II Qualifiers

It seems that the changes made within OpTic Texas are working out as the team remains the only unbeaten squad midway through the Major II qualifying stage. In recent weeks, OpTic has gone toe-to-toe with Boston Breach, Seattle Surge, and Toronto Ultra, and every time, the team has come out on top. It was an unpredictable week for the Major II qualifiers, and there’s only one weekend left now before the Major II tournament takes place, boasting a prize pool worth half a million dollars.

It hasn’t been all that enjoyable a week for some teams, though. For example, Seattle Surge, a team that can be considered the embodiment of the ‘on and off’ style of play currently sits at the distant bottom of the CDL standings having not won a single match since the closing chapters of the Major I tournament.

Could OpTic Texas go all the way and end this stage with a Major tournament win?

It’s Getting Unpredictable

la thieves optic texas

LA Thieves won the COD League Championship last year but have struggled this season.

For those playing pick’ems or for those taking part in Call of Duty League betting, it’s becoming a tricky landscape. It seems that, with each passing week, the CDL is becoming increasingly unpredictable, with strange or unforeseen circumstances taking place with each new match day. For instance, nobody thought that the New York Subliners could possibly win a Major tournament, and then the team defied all odds and beat all comers to snatch Major I’s biggest prize.

This week, Seattle Surge’s performance gave rise to concerns among the fans, as of late, the team has been in white-hot form. Similarly, the LA Thieves proved their lacklustre performance is set to continue, boasting nothing more than a 1 – 3 record so far in Major II. During the Major I tournament, LA Thieves crashed out in the elimination round, ejected forcefully by Toronto Ultra, and the squad has yet to gain any meaningful ground ever since.

It’s not a good sight for the reigning champions.

OpTic Texas Could Be The Lone Star

There’s no doubt that OpTic Texas has been frying in recent weeks. Sadly, Scump announced his retirement prematurely, stepping down from the team and being replaced by Huke, who transferred from the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Fortunately, the change has worked out well, and as Dashy retained his rightful place on the starting roster, a formidable force has been put in place.

We could have said that the only team capable of rivalling OpTic Texas this Major could be Toronto Ultra, but even the Canadian side wasn’t able to take down OpTic when they met this weekend.

As we approach the Major II tournament, certain teams are struggling to find their feet, but if there’s one thing the League is known for, it’s an underdog upset. While OpTic Texas is (at present) the favourite going into the Major, there’s plenty of room for other teams to manoeuvre.

Major II takes place between the 2nd and the 5th of February in Boston, Massachusetts.