OpTic Wins $75k Halo Invitational with Near Perfect Record

This weekend, between the 16th and the 17th of April, OpTic Gaming decimated the world’s greatest Halo Infinite teams. At the FaZe Halo Invitational, OpTic swooped in to secure the lion’s share of the $75,000 prize pool, laying waste to all its opponents and securing a near-perfect record. During the two-day contest, OpTic dominated Incognito, Sentinels, XSET, Pioneers, and Cloud9 twice, dropping just one map against Cloud9 – and no maps against any other team.

When the dust had settled following this one-shot Halo Invitational, fans were left wondering whether another OpTic dynasty could be rising up. This weekend, the combination of aPG, Lucid, TriPPPeY, and FormaL seemed to be too much for the other competitors to handle.

Let’s break down the FaZe Halo Invitational and determine whether there’s a bright future in store for OpTic.

What Happens When You Beat The Best


Image Credit: Dexerto

Since the opening of the Halo Championship Series, Cloud9 has been the go-to team for esports betting markets. In December, the squad secured a monumental win at the Kickoff Major, becoming the world’s first Halo Infinite world champions. Then, in February, a similar performance was put out, with Cloud9 picking up the top share of a $150k prize at Anaheim. However, this was a tough-fought tournament, and it was OpTic Gaming that slipped into second place.

Now, OpTic has expressed a tangible and determined desire to jump into the top spot in the Halo Championship Series. At the Halo Invitational this weekend, OpTic ganged up to exhibit one of the most skilful performances we’ve seen in years in Halo esports. While this competition was technically outside of the realms of the HCS, it was a huge victory and a massive morale boost for OpTic.

The Future of OpTic and Halo Infinite

Following this big win, OpTic Gaming now looks forward to the Halo Championship Series. In the coming weeks, we’ll see teams take to the stage in Kansas City, fighting it out across another weekend tournament for their chance to secure a $250k prize. With the end of the HCS and the dawn of the Halo World Championship fast approaching, we have to wonder if OpTic Gaming can secure the bag in 2022.

Back in 2017, OpTic picked up the top prize in the Halo World Championship, netting $500k and beating down the likes of Envy and Team Liquid. However, due to an unfortunate hiatus for Halo esports in general, the scene was left to stagnate, and it’s only now that the esports landscape for Halo is brightening in earnest. While it’s unlikely that Halo esports will reach the lofty heights of League of Legends or Dota 2, for example, it still offers fans an exhilarating and entertaining experience.

We’ll see OpTic in action in the Halo Championship Series once again from the 29th of April, live in Kansas City.