Fandom outcry at “bad” picks for Worlds ’22 Final Co-Streams

Worlds Finals are kicking off soon, and Riot announced the official Worlds co-streams for this huge event. Some content creators will be able to co-stream the event, but the program hasn’t been too warmly received by fans. Content creators and fans of the game have all called out big problems with how Riot is doing things.

The system for Worlds co-streams seems to be quite the disappointment, in its width and which streamers have been chosen. Even LoL streamers with big followings in the game have called out Riot. This is what’s happened and why the Worlds Co-Streams are controversial.

Worlds 22 Co-Stream

Worlds ’22 Finals Co-Stream Partners are not LoLers

Co-streams are a growing area for esports on streaming sites, where content creators can stream an official event with the approval of the organizers, providing their own commentary. This is an alternative to just plain rebroadcasting things, which doesn’t provide much for the organizers themselves. Streamers commentating on events on their own stream has gone well for Riot before, especially with Shroud’s early Valorant co-stream.

Typically, Riot hasn’t allowed big LoL events like Worlds to be co-streamed, instead just having streamers cover the game separately by watching on their own stream. That’s changing for Worlds 2022.

This time there are going to be five official co-streams. A small group of content creators will be allowed to host watch parties on their streams. These include one of each language stream. These are the official co-streams.

  • Ibai
  • Sykkuno
  • Rita
  • Sanghao Lee & Min Gyo Kim

Some of these are safe picks for Worlds co-streams, like Ibai who is one of the biggest streamers in LoL. Some of the other names have drawn more controversy though, specifically Sykkuno.

Sykkuno streams his fair share of LoL, but it isn’t his main focus. he isn’t massively involved with the game’s community, and especially not the esports. Fans have reacted poorly to this, calling out the choice to go with Sykkuno over LoL streamers who have actual ties to the game’s community and many more hours streamed.

“To be clear Riot is the one who made the decision as to who gets to co-stream. None of these creators are at any fault.” – @IWDominate

Caedrel reacts to picks, echoing sentiments

A commentator for League of Legends and a high-profile streamer has reacted online to this announcement with some harsh words. The streamer Caedrel tweeted that the decision was “a huge fucking slap in the face to League content creators who have been grinding co-streaming all year long”.


This fits with a lot of the other criticism of the Worlds co-streams. There are streamers who are a bigger part of LoL, both in streaming and esports. However, Riot has gone with a limited group. Other content creators might have been a better pick for the co-streaming slot. Alternatively, there could be more slots made available for co-streaming for such a large tournament.

Why So Few Worlds Co-Streams?

Compared to Valorant, it seems Riot is being a lot more protective of things at Worlds. There are a few reasons for this, but it might just come down to how big the event is. Worlds is one of the biggest dates on the esports calendar. There’s a good chance they’re being a lot more careful to avoid any risk of controversy at their central stream.

That’s an understanding concern. However, allowing more co-streams doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t enforce harsher rules for what content creators can do on screen. The Worlds final starts on November 5th. Worlds watch parties have been set. Check over here for our Worlds Final predictions.