The best watch parties for Worlds 2022 grand final

This year’s League of Legends competition is about to come to an end as we get closer to the final. The Worlds 2022 held a great competition and DRX pulled out an incredible surprise and reached the grand final, making it hard to predict the results and bet on LoL Worlds. In order to live the spirit with others, here are the best watch parties for Worlds 2022 Grand Final!

Rita (Chinese)

Rita is a very famous Chinese streamer. She uses Huya to reach her audience, mainly concentrating on League of Legends. Thanks to the popularity of esports and obviously the population, China holds a giant hub for the ecosystem. Rita has had millions of viewers throughout her streaming career, playing League of Legends of course. It is expected that she will attract even more while streaming the Worlds 2022 Grand Final, on Huya alongside Riot Games.

Worlds 22 Stage

Sykkuno (English)

Sykkuno will be co-streaming the Worlds 2022 Grand Final in English. Riot Games received a backlash from the League of Legends community as Sykkuno has mainly been streaming Grand Theft Auto 5 recently. LoL is his second most played game so the community defends that someone else would have been chosen. However, Sykkuno has a huge fan base with him and he will be streaming in English so he might attract many fans to his stream. He also has 2.89 million subscribers on YouTube, making him a popular powerhouse for the biggest event of the year.

SangHo & MinGyo (Korean)

SangHo and MinGyo will take on the Korean part of the Worlds 2022 Grand Final co-streaming duty. They mainly stream on AfreecaTV, one of the most popular streaming players in the country. The duo, Sangho Lee and Min Gyo Kim will team up exclusively for the event. They are very popular in the region and teaming up will double the viewers for sure.

Ibai (Spanish)

The last on the list, of course, is Ibai. Arguably the biggest streamer on Twitch, Ibai is also the owner of the esports team KOI, sharing the shares with FC Barcelona’s star player, Gerard Pique. Ibai used to be a caster before pursuing content creation. Back in those days, he was appreciated by the community for his unique casting style and after switching to content creation, Ibai rose to the top in no time. It is not a surprise to see him on the list and he will probably have the most viewers on Twitch, as even his regular streams break records sometimes. He speaks Spanish so the stream will be in Spanish and it will be very fun to watch him casting the competition between T1 and DRX, for the Spanish-speaking fans of course.

This year, DRX upset multiple teams even though they weren’t at the of the LoL Worlds power rankings, ruining all the LoL Worlds predictions. The competition between two LCK representatives will be interesting as DRX’s performance is constantly on a rise and you have T1 with a very steady showing since the start of the season.