Overwatch June Joust – Recap and Finals Predictions

The Overwatch League 2021 season is about finish the second seasonal tournament. This new format has teams compete in regular brackets rather than a normal season followed by playoffs. So far, it hasn’t disappointed. The May Melee saw favorites Shock knocked out early on with Dallas Fuel eventually taking home the victory. The state of standings in the Overwatch League was looking more upset than ever.

However, we’re now facing the start of a second bracket, and things have changed once again. This is what’s happened so far at the June Joust, and what you can expect from the finals.

Atlanta Reign June Joust

Overwatch June Joust Qualifiers Recap

The Overwatch League June Joust qualifier stages have been pretty exciting over the last few weeks. Last weekend, the final qualifying round was completed with the regional knockouts. The last batch of matches went relatively smoothly. Dallas and Shock picked up strong wins against their competition. This did mean Florida Mayhem has missed out on moving forward this time around. There were also fairly predictably poor showings from Paris and Valiant too.

Before the full tournament bracket of the June Joust, teams complete in regional knockouts to find the final four for the event. In the west, Dallas went up against Houston in the first round and Boston went against Atlanta Reign. Dallas fairly easily put down Houston but encountered resistance from Gladiators in the next round. In the end, they showed off pretty well why they’re the team to beat in this tournament. In the other side of the bracket, Atlanta Reign took out Boston and San Francisco Shock 3-0 in both. This is the second tournament to see Shock relatively embarrassed in the regional knockouts, and it is really starting to look like the end of their run.

In the East, New York Excelsior faced Hangzhou Spark. While this was a relatively close match-up, New York won it. They’re going to be facing much tougher opponents in the bracket though. Shanghai Dragons went 3-0 against Seoul, which has easily set them up to be one team to watch in the next round.

June Joust Finals

The June Joust Finals are due to kick off this weekend. The final four teams in the competition are New York Excelsior, Atlanta Reign, Dallas Fuel, and Shanghai Dragons.

New York faces Atlanta in the semi-finals and Dallas versus Shanghai. Those winners and losers then each face each other before meeting in the grand finals.

June Joust Bracket

Image credit: Overwatch League

Predictions and Odds for Overwatch Betting

That’s everything that’s due to take place at the June Joust, but how do things look for Overwatch betting? These things are always hard to predict, but there are factors that we can take a guess at.

In terms of odds, looking at esports bookmakers like GG.BET, Atlanta looks like an easy pick for going through to the next round, but I think NYXL has this one bagged. Excelsior has made leaps and bounds in performance lately and they should handle ATL with ease. Dallas Fuel are currently favorites to head through next too. While they have tighter competition against Shanghai Dragons, they’ve had a great season overall.

For the next round and eventual winner, Dallas Fuel is definitely the team to beat. They’ve shown themselves to be one of the best this season and others will have a hard time taking them on. Dallas hasn’t met NYXL nor Reign in a long while, so as a match up they’re fairly uncertain on how they will pan out. However, Dallas’s performance so far points towards them coming out ahead. New York are rank outsiders for the whole event.

Here is our predictions bet slip that you can confidently wager with:

Dallas Fuel vs Shanghai DragonsFuel to win@ 1.63
New York Excelsior vs Atlanta ReignNYXL to win@ 4.32
TOTAL ODDS 7.04 (+604)

The 2021 Overwatch season has seen a lot of upsets so far, so players should expect the unexpected. However, Dallas definitely seems to have the leg up on the competition.

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