Overwatch League co-streaming may be a gamechanger

The Overwatch League is currently gearing up to launch its latest season, this time played on the Overwatch 2 beta. While there’s been some disappointing news about how many of the Hero reworks will be ready on time, things are moving. The League seems to be taking steps forward to modernize.

Overwatch League co-streaming is going to be launching this season on YouTube, giving fans a different way to get involved with the game. While this is a minor change, it’s a good sign that Overwatch is heading in the right direction.

OWL costream

Overwatch League Co-Streaming

The Overwatch League’s 2022 Season is drawing close, and we’ve gotten more details on some of the changes coming to the League. Most people probably plan to watch the main League through the official YouTube channel. However, this season Overwatch League Co-Streaming is going to be launching. This lets them watch the official stream through the eyes of their favorite streamer or content creator.

The program is going to be limited, and those who wish to apply are already able to do so. They should have the news on eligibility by the opening weekend. There are some rules about what they can and can’t do on an official co-stream. The biggest of which is probably the continued exclusivity to YouTube. Co-streams will only be available on that platform, not on Twitch or any other streaming service.

Co-Streaming is an area of esports that has become pretty important to a lot of games. It allows streamers and content creators to run streams of an official league. Fans have the choice of watching the official League with their casters, or watching their favorite streamer or content creator. You only have to look at what happens with popular streamers weighing in on esports events to see how vital this can be for fans. It can really widen the options and take advantage of the wider streamer community for a game.

Just imagine Youtube exclusive streamers like DrDisrespect dropping by a weekend to give commentary.

Overwatch 2 promises big changes to the League

The Overwatch League co-streaming announcement comes in a bit of a burst of news for the game. The last few weeks have seen various announcements and leaks giving us a clearer picture of the Overwatch 2 beta. The build of the game for competitive play is even having a public trial pretty soon. Some leaks are pointing towards the game’s bigger hero reworks not quite being ready in time. However, it does seem like big and positive changes are being made.

While the League has been successful, a lot of fans have not been happy with the game itself for some time. However, changes like co-streaming are an important step to modernizing. Overwatch doesn’t have the kind of numbers on streaming platforms that many others have. However, with big names like XQC getting back involved for the sequel changes like this are going to be needed. Overwatch League co-streams will help to build a healthier atmosphere for streamers.

Another major change currently rumored is a Battle Pass, which leaks have pointed towards. While the game already has skins, they are pretty much all unlockable through basic gameplay and free lootboxes. The addition of a Battle Pass is controversial in some parts of the fanbase, but it would help to generate ongoing revenue for the game and keep substantial updates flowing long after the game’s release, something which is important for esports right now.

The current batch of changes for Overwatch is definitely an exciting time to follow the game. While we still have a while to go before we get a look at everything that’s come out with Overwatch 2 lately, things are definitely looking up.