Best Overwatch 2 Supports

Are you struggling to climb with supports in Overwatch 2? It has become more challenging to play supports as the number of tanks has been reduced to one. Constantly getting killed in the backline by DPS heroes has become the new norm. Today, we will showcase three supports and one honorable mention that can help you in your games following the anticipated balance patch.

The Top Overwatch 2 Support Heroes To Climb With

Healers in Overwatch 2 are integral to the team’s success. They provide constant healing so your team can comfortably deal damage to the opponents. As long as you stay alive, it will always be difficult for the enemy to engage. However, you will notice that there is more to just healing as a support; managing your utility while squeaking out damage is essential to carrying your team.

1. Kiriko

Overwatch 2 Kiriko

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

One of the Overwatch 2 new heroes, Kiriko, will be the first support to be changed in the next patch. Kiriko’s Swift Step invulnerability duration has been reduced from 0.4 to 0.25 seconds. Although a nerf to her teleport ability, this change will not impact the effectiveness of Kiriko by much. Her main power comes from her Ofuda papers and Protection Suzu. Her papers provide one of the highest healings in the game, and with the changes to tanks, pocketing that Reinhart or Roadhog with high healing per second can win you games!

However, that is not what makes her strong. Three abilities stop her from being killed. Swiftstep is on a 7-second cooldown which gives her enough time to evade assassination. Paired with Protection Suzu, she gains another 1 second of invulnerability. Lastly, her passive Wall Climb makes her a harder target to hit, and while using all these abilities in turn, her primary evasive tool Swiftstep will usually be up again.

Kiriko is also not just a healer; with her ultimate ability, Kitsune Rush, she can help her team take over that crucial fight. There is no question why she is the highest-picked support in the Overwatch League.

2. Moira

Overwatch 2 Moira

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Although within the top 500, Moira is not a highly picked Hero; she excels at ranks from bronze to diamond. This is because Moira has one of the best evasive tools in the game – Fade. This ability allows her to become invulnerable and gapclose or retreat massive distances.

Even as a support, she is one of the best duelists in the game if you find yourself in a one-on-one situation. Her Biotic Grasp is a targeted ability that is strong against moving targets such as Genji or Tracer. Her Biotic Orb is also a powerful ability that slowly raises your damager numbers and helps your DPS take down kills.

Moira’s healing can be on the low side if you are focusing on doing damage. There are many scenarios and different maps in Overwatch 2 where you must use your Biotic Grasp and Orb to heal your teammates instead of doing damage. A good Moira will know when they can heal and when they can attack.

Her ultimate Coalescence is another powerful ability that can solo win a fight. Its huge hitbox will allow the player to track the enemy target effortlessly. Paired with her easy-to-use mechanics, she can help you climb through the ranks.

3. Mercy

Overwatch 2 Mercy

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Mercy is a Hero that has been changed multiple times. Now being able to launch straight into the air by pressing the crouch button while using Guardian Angel, she has become a very evasive Hero in Overwatch 2.

You may wonder why this Hero is on our list. The answer lies in this ability: Resurrect. As the game transitioned from 6v6 to 5v5, a man advantage can win you a fight entirely. Successfully channeling this ability provides a lot of value for the team without pulling off a difficult mechanic.

Although Mercy is a Hero that becomes less viable at the higher ranks, when paired with a strong DPS or Tank player, she becomes a menace to play against.

4. Honorable mention: Baptiste

Our honorable mention for today is Baptiste! Baptiste has never been a popular hero due to how difficult he is to play. He has all the tools to counter the enemy team, but if his abilities are used one second too late, it can entirely mitigate his effectiveness. His Exo Boots should often be used for gaining high ground and escaping enemy heroes. And remember that using his Immortality Field early is better than using it late. Also, try your best to shoot the enemy while healing your team to take full advantage of his kit.

Like Kiriko, Baptiste is not just a healer; if you are confident in your aiming abilities, he can sometimes take on the duty as the DPS of the team. His hitscan primary fire is very deceptive, and he can even take down a Pharah-Mercy combo by himself.

Overwatch 2 Supports, Too, Can Carry

Do not feel like it is impossible to carry as a Support hero! With the new changes in Overwatch 2, every Hero can impact the game. Playing healers is now a viable way to climb and your difference in skill will show!