Top 5 players to watch at Stage Four of Overwatch League

With the final Stage of Overwatch League set to start in just one week, all teams in playoff position are making final preparations to ensure their success. Now that the 2-2-2 role lock is in play, and Sombra’s position in the meta more omnipresent than before, there’s a few teams giddy with excitement hoping to make this stage their own, while other teams are scrambling to find their new identity as the GOATS meta has quickly become a thing of the past.

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In this feature, we’ll take a look at the 5 most important impact players for each playoff contender as they look to secure the ultimate prize at seasons end.

5. Chung-hui “Stitch” Lee

After a slight hiccup in Stage Three, Vancouver Titans look to rebound and come out swinging in Stage Four in order to reclaim some of their lost dominance. The introduction of Stitch into the main lineup has been more than productive as the team has rallied around his Sombra play rather quickly.

As the Titans get more time to gel in this new meta, what was once the best GOATS team by a large margin has the opportunity to reinvent itself and become the best team in the league period with another dominant stage. For only losing one game so far, Vancouver fans still have plenty to brag about and Stitch is the exact kind of player that will keep them at a high level.

Overwatch player Stitch at Overwatch League

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4. Johannes “Shax” Nielsen

One of the more peculiar gems found from the Overwatch Contenders scene this year, the Danish DPS Main revitalized Los Angeles Valiant in a big way since his trade from Mayhem Academy. A multifaceted threat on Tracer, Widowmaker or Sombra, Shax has slowly made a case for himself as one of the most in-form rookies the OWL has seen thus far.

As is the case with other teams on this list, if Shax can get the right momentum going with the LA Valiant once again in Stage Four, the possibilities are endless for a team hellbent on reversing all the negative headlines that followed them in the early going of the year in an attempt to finish strong. If there’s any player than can snipe their way to victory for this team, look no further than Shax as he gets set for another five weeks of action that will culminate in a Homestand weekend for his team.

Overwatch player Shax at Overwatch League

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3. Jay “sinatraa” Won

San Francisco Shock’s success this season has mainly been a strength in numbers situation, but the previous year it was the sinatraa show that kept SF Shock relevant, and he will need to reprise that role of greatness if he wants his team to pull ahead comfortably this stage.

While SF Shock have put on the pressure this season, even rampaging their way into an undefeated Stage Two run, sinatraa hasn’t really been on the forefront of that movement. In this DPS meta, all eyes will be on the American gunslinger as he hopes to make a case for himself as one of the scariest damage dealers in the league, or else face the possibility of being replaced by one of the other aces on the Shock’s roster.

Overwatch player Sintraa at Overwatch League

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2. Jin-hyeok “DDing” Yang

Easily the most talked about Pharah in the league today, DDing put on a clinic the entire weekend of Stage Three playoffs as he saw off multiple stacked rosters with the help of his team. The synergy between him and his teammates has developed nicely for Shanghai Dragons and they are surely on their way to more wins if the momentum continues.

DDing’s prowess on Pharah has been a revelation to watch, but to really make himself a household name for his organization, the wins must continue coming in as the 12-9 Dragons are still not guaranteed a final playoff berth at this juncture.

Overwatch player DDing at Overwatch League

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1. Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park

After one too many crashes out of the Stage Playoffs, the question marks have been coming in for New York Excelsior as many of their promising talents have folded under pressure when they were routinely expected to win. The strength of schedule has proven all too easy for New York as they have cruised their way into a dominant position for their division, but haven’t tested their mettle against the best of the best in regular season play.

With the return of DPS making it necessary to succeed in this league, NYXL will need to depend on their team captain Saebyeolbe to find them a new winning identity sooner than later. SBB’s legacy as a clutch Tracer main in tandem with the eclectic personalities already on NYXL have shown shades of brilliance before. But there must be an extra gear in place in order for them to succeed and overcome that playoff hurdle once and for all.

Overwatch player Saebyeolbe at Overwatch League

© Robert Paul | Blizzard

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