Overwatch League 2021 Week 7 Predictions – What to Expect

We’re entering the second week of the June Joust. After Shock’s defeat and Dallas Fuel’s rise to the top, both teams are returning to Overwatch League this week. If you’re looking at Overwatch betting, then some of these upsets are a great way to get a decent pay out. This is what you can expect at the Overwatch League 2021 Week 7, and which teams to watch out for.


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Overwatch League 2021 Week 7

The Overwatch League is having a surprising 2021 Season. The first cup, the May Melee, lead to some pretty big upsets. While the first round was fun, this weekend’s matches have a lot more promise. This is our first time seeing two of the biggest surprise teams in the last cup in action.

The Overwatch League this year is running in smaller tournaments rather than a regular season. However, this week does more closely resemble previous Seasons. We’re seeing teams compete in regular matches, which will determine their placement as qualifiers for the tournament bracket. A lot of the teams playing this week are making their first appearance in the June Joust. However, a few did compete last week too. From May 28-30, we’re going to be seeing 12 matches take place in all.

All these games are going to make a big difference for how the qualifiers end.

For some teams, like London Spitfire, this is their last chance. In one of the more interesting set of matches this they are meeting Dallas Fuel. Dallas also follow Spitfire up, with a duel against San Francisco Shock. All three teams have a lot riding on this matches.

Houston Outlaws had a similarly strong start in Week 6 and the May Melee. This week they’re going up against Spitfire as well, which probably won’t be much of a challenge. Then they follow it up with a clash versus Toronto Defiant. This is likely where they’ll meet some resistance. It’s a clash between two teams that are very close to breaking out into the top tier, and definitely a matchup to watch.

The rest of the matches are pretty straightforward, and we expect favorites to take the wins.

Overwatch League Week 7 Predictions

The Overwatch League 2021 Week 7 is going to be putting some of the more impressive teams in this Season’s tiers against each other. If you’re looking at esports odds, it can be tricky with the unpredictable nature this Season. We’ve taken a look through the top esports bookmakers, to make some predictions on how Week 7 is going to go. These are the matches being played, with the teams we think are the winners in bold:

  • London Spitfire – Dallas Fuel
  • LA Gladiators – Vancouver Titans
  • Shanghai Dragons – LA Valiant
  • New York Excelsior – Seoul Dynasty
  • Houston Outlaws – London Spitfire
  • San Fransisco Shock – Toronto Defiant
  • Atlanta Reign – LA Gladiators
  • New York Excelsior – LA Valiant
  • Seoul Dynasty – Shanghai Dragons
  • Toronto Defiant – Houston Outlaws
  • Vancouver Titans – Atlanta Reign
  • Dallas Fuel – San Francisco Shock

You can expect somewhat low returns even if you play all matches from this weeks’ bracket. For all matches combined you are watching at less then 5x return across all providers. Do however, keep an eye on the official streams and scout potential upsets.