OWL Summer Showdown Finals – Match Predictions & Recap

Overwatch League’s third major tournament of the year has gotten underway. The first weekend saw some fun games, but also a good number of teams returning to in-person crowds for their matches.

With things partially returning to normal for players, there was added excitement for all these LAN matches. This week saw the teams compete in regional knockouts to determine the final bracket for the OWL Summer Showdown Finals.

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OWL Summer Showdown 2021

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OWL Summer Showdown Recap

The final week for the Summer Showdown qualifiers was pretty exciting for Overwatch fans. We got to see teams push through the knockouts to see if they make the final bracket. For teams who aren’t Dallas and Shanghai, this stage is the most vital of the cup. This is everything that you might have missed before the OWL Summer Showdown finals.

Atlanta Reign’s run through the Knockouts might have been the biggest surprise of the weekend. They came in on the second seed for the knockouts. This is the second consecutive round of Knockouts they’ve progressed through. While they’ve not been the top team this season, this next chance could be what they need to push ahead of the competition.  Elsewhere, Dallas and Shanghai pretty easily went through the knockouts.

Chengdu Hunters are another slight surprise in the knockouts. They’ve made it through to the OWL Summer Showdown finals for the first time since the May Melee. In that tournament, they lost in the first round of the winners and losers’ brackets. Although, they might be hoping for a turnaround with the Summer Showdown.

OWL Summer Showdown Finals Preview

The Overwatch League Summer Showdown tournament weekend is getting underway soon, with teams decided now. Only four teams have headed through to the bracket, but there have been a couple of surprises in the qualification. Atlanta Reign are heading into their second tournament bracket of the Season, along with Chengdu Hunters. This is what you can expect.

The first match is putting Dallas Fuel up against Chengdu Hunters. While predictions are tricky, Dallas Fuel probably have this game in the bag. The team has dominated this season of the Overwatch League. They’ve won a tournament and gotten to the final of others, only narrowly missing. Chengdu Hunters are likely to be kicked down into the loser’s bracket after the first round.

The second match is Atlanta Reign up against Shanghai Dragons. Shanghai have similarly had a fantastic Season. While Atlanta have shown some great performances so far this tournament, Shanghai look like the safer bet.

If previous tournaments are anything to go by, we’ll be looking at a Dallas Fuel vs Shanghai Dragons final for this event. However, Atlanta Reign’s recent performance could give them an outside chance. Be sure to catch all of the action at the Overwatch League this weekend.

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