OWL Summer Showdown – Week 2 Predictions and Recap

The Overwatch League’s third tournament for 2021 kickstarted last weekend, the tournament got off to an entertaining start with some clutch performances over the course of events. The 2021 Season for the League has been full of surprises so far, and it looks set to continue with this latest Cup. This is everything that happened over the first week, and some predictions for what’s to come from the OWL Summer Showdown.

OWL Summer Showdown

OWL Summer Showdown W1 Recap

The OWL Summer Showdown kicked off last week. It begins with a qualifying round of regular-season games. Teams compete against each other in two separate regions. The first set of games was played, with quite a few shocking results.

One big match last week was Toronto up against Vancouver. Toronto finished at 3-0 against the other team, showing off a great performance. Toronto also took on Florida Mayhem, coming out at 3-2 over them. While these teams aren’t at the top of the pile right now, Toronto has shown a pretty strong performance starting the event off.

In the East, Shock’s fall is continuing. They lost their first match-up against LA Gladiators. Their second, they ultimately won. However, London Spitfire gave them a lot more trouble to get this win than anyone would have expected. At the opening of the season, one of these teams was the undisputed champs and the other consistently placing low. Shock’s performance over the course of this season seems to have disintegrated. The OWL Summer Showdown continued the trend sinking them to a new low.

Elsewhere this weekend, Paris won both of their matches along with Boston, and Seoul Dynasty. Seoul’s getting off to a good start for this season, but we’ll have to see how they fare in the upcoming weeks.

OWL Summer Showdown Week 2 Predictions

Dallas Fuel had a quick rise to the top of the rankings for the Season but just lost out on the title in the last round. It currently feels like two teams are firmly in the contenders for the end of season, but things can be unpredictable. If you’re looking at how things are going to look at the next round of the OWL Summer Showdown, this is what you can expect.

Dallas Fuel and Shanghai Dragons are the strongest teams in our OWL Power Rankings. Given their performance in the last two cups, it would be petty surprising if they lost their matches. Shock’s decline can extend even further when they’re up against Paris, and they have a lot to prove in a rematch with Toronto. Outside of these major games, these are the rest of the fixtures being played and our predictions for winners in bold, based on the esports betting odds, you are looking at roughly 25x return across all selections outright.

  • Paris Eternal – San Francisco Shock
  • Washington Justice – Atlanta Reign
  • Philadelphia Fusion – Guangzhou Charge
  • Seoul Dynasty – Shanghai Dragons
  • Paris Eternal – Vancouver Titans
  • Dallas Fuel – Florida Mayhem
  • Houston Outlaws – San Francisco Shock
  • Seoul Dynasty – Guangzhou Charge
  • Atlanta Reign – Dallas Fuel
  • Vancouver Titans – Houston Outlaws
  • Washington Justice – Florida Mayhem

That’s what you can expect over this weekend at the OWL Summer Showdown. The 2021 season has been pretty surprising though, so be sure to keep up to date with news covering player roster changes and other updates.

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