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Fortnite Season 2 Cash Cups and Platform Cups Begin

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has quickly reignited things for the Battle Royale. After a season that became far too long, the competitive side of the game is more aliveMore
LoL Esports

LPL, LCK On the Rise: Top talent to look out for

With the return of LPL in full effect, and the subsequent return of LCK in a week, the international LoL scene is once again firing on all cylinders. Recent developmentsMore
Esports Industry

Esports Net Worth 2020: The Billion Dollar Opportunity of Esports

Last Update on March 20th, 2020 We’ve heard it and said it. The nascent esports industry is growing rapidly and it’s worth millions, in fact no, the esports industry isMore
LoL Esports

LCS, LEC slated to return online this weekend

After a tumultuous few weeks that have rocked the schedule for international LoL across the globe, a slight return to normalcy will occur with LEC and LCS being reinstated afterMore

Astralis, NaVi struggle with online play

Every single esport has moved to online play over the past week. CS:GO is no different as two large scale leagues are happening simultaneously in Europe and North America. BothMore
Dota 2

Dota 2 update 7.25 brings overpowered and broken features

The DOTA 2 dev team dropped the update version 7.25 for millions of active players at home. The large update was initially scheduled to go live after the Los AngelesMore

Illidan, new Hearthstone class & no more duplicate cards

The popularity of Hearthstone has without a doubt dropped in recent years, with many former players quitting and moving to other strategy based games, likely TFT. This is despite theMore

Overwatch League Week 7 – Seoul Dynasty, Online play and new format

The Overwatch League is back after a week long hiatus. Last weekend a decision was made by league organizers to cancel homestead weekends indefinitely. Alternatively, Blizzard arrived with some goodMore
Fighting Games

Sakurai Doesn’t Have Coronavirus but Fighters Pass 2 is Delayed

The last week or so has seen some pretty crazy news with the outbreak of coronavirus infecting the majority of competitive games. Smash Bros is no exception. For many, aMore
Dota 2

WeSave! Charity Play gets Dota 2 on track with OG headlining

  It’s challenging times right now. The Covid-19 outbreak proves to be a much bigger threat than anything millennials have encountered. Large events like the NBA, NFL and potentially theMore
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