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Best CS:GO players in 2019-2020

As you can clearly see from the title, we will go over the best five CS:GO players so far in 2019. All of the stats provided will mostly be basedMore
Fighting Games

EVO Japan 2020 Schedule and Prize Pools | SSBU Fans disappointed

EVO Japan 2020 has had its full January line-up and format unveiled. This event is one of the biggest for fighting games in the world, and for fans of gamesMore
LoL Esports

LEC Spring 2020: Can we begin the season with a 100% prediction rate

The hype season is upon us, and that can mean only thing. The LEC (previously known as EU League of Legends Championship Series) is back ladies and gentleman, better andMore

The Best Fortnite Players in 2020

Fortnite has gone from strength to strength in 2019, and its esports scene is as alive and exciting as ever. However, in a game like this, things move fast. TheMore
Dota 2

DreamLeague Season 13 Favorites: Can Secret Win Their First DPC Major of the Season?

DreamLeague Season 13 is the 2nd Major of the 3rd Dota Pro Circuit and the first important event of the year in which most of the big teams are present.More

Upcoming Changes to CSGO Majors Invites Taking Place For Fall Major

You heard it right, Valve is making changes regarding CSGO Majors. After sending an email to the main tournament organizers, if tournament hosts can come to an agreement with Valve,More
Esports Industry

Record-breaking views for 2019 esports events | LoL Worlds the most-watched event

2019 was, so far, the biggest year for esports yet. With record viewership numbers, bigger prize pools and competitions than ever, esports have had a fantastic year. We’ve taken aMore
Esports Industry

Esports Heading for 20 Years of Growth Says Newzoo’s Remer Rietkerk

Analytics company Newzoo says esports hit the $1 billion global revenue mark in 2019. Its head of esports, Remer Rietkerk, recently spoke with NPR’s Ari Shapiro about the potential ofMore
Sports Games

NHL 20 esports tournaments will be hosted by NHL teams

Sports games don’t get as much attention in the esports world as other genres do – between MOBAs and shooters, they often don’t make front-page news, despite having huge fanbasesMore
Esports Industry

Esports Viewer Numbers in China Now Four Times US Figures

China is currently the third largest esports market globally but that could be set to change as the country adapts its stance on professional gaming and esports audience figures grow.More
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