Pokémon Unite Championship Series With $1 million in prize pool

Pokémon Unite launched just last year and stood out pretty quickly as a game that had great esports potential. The MOBA combines the esports-friendly genre gameplay with the popular Pokémon series. The event has had a few events to date, but it is just about to get its biggest and widest tournament to date with a huge prize pool on offer. The Pokémon Unite Championship Series is going to bring a new and higher level of esports to the game.


Pokémon Unite Championship Series

The Pokémon Unite Championship Series is going to be the premier series for esports for this title. It will mainly cover Pokémon Unite, but it will be a part of a wider Pokémon event. The Pokémon Championship will have events in the mainline game and trading cards. However, for Unite this is going to be the main event.

Pokémon Unite’s portion of the tournament is going to support seven regions. These are North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Japan, South Korea, and Asia-Pacific. Teams from all of these teams will fight it out to be the best in their area before they head to the Championship. Only the top two teams are going to be moving forward to the World Finals though, with Oceania and South America only having one team go forward.

PUCS Regional Qualifiers

Things are kicking off with regional qualifiers. These will be held monthly. These qualifying tournaments will award teams CP or Championship Points based on how they perform. The best teams will qualify for regional Championships based on these points. If they perform well enough, eventually the Word Championships too. The event is going to be held in London, at the Excel venue. This is a pretty big home for the event and should manage a decent crowd.

The first stage is an Open Qualifier. From here, the top 16 teams move into the monthly finals a few weeks after the Open Qualifier. Things will be kicking off with the February Cup, the qualifying round for the first month. This is going to start on February 19th and run through to the 20th.

Teams will be competing here in a double-elimination bracket. The finals will be broadcast widely. These events are going to be continuing throughout the first half of the year, with the March cup following up. After that, comes the Aeos Cup. This is a tournament that is going to feature more CP than the regular monthly events.

Across the monthly tournaments and special cups like this, there are going to be plenty of chances to see how things stand for the Pokémon Unite Championship Series. If you’re looking at any Pokémon Unite esports betting that might pop up with these newer events, then these earlier rounds are going to be important for seeing who stands out in a relatively new game.

Pokemon Unite Championship – World Finals

All things are all leading towards the World Finals in August. The qualifying teams have to maintain the same roster as they did in previous rounds. So, this is a good place to watch if you’re looking to see which teams are the best.

Pokémon Unite is still in its early day, but things are promising so far. The game has grown with updates. This new esports event brings a huge prize pool of $1 million and should give more attention to the pro layers of the game. If you’re interested in one of the freshest MOBAs, this is going to be a good tournament to watch for.

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