Pokemon Unite ranked changes make climbing easier + Holiday Event

2021 has been a big year for esports games, but particularly for mobile games. Titles like Wild Rift have emerged and brought mobile esports even further into the spotlight. One of the biggest releases of the year has to be Pokemon Unite though. The Pokemon take on a competitive MOBA has been a big success to date. The latest update includes some Pokemon Unite ranked changes and a holiday event. This is one of the biggest changes to the game to date. This is what’s happened so far:

Pokemon Unite Holiday Event

Pokemon Unite Ranked Changes with Patch

Pokemon Unite’s recent changes are making some big differences in how the game plays along with even altering some mechanics in game. These are going to make a big difference to how players progress. This starts with a big change to how leveling Pokemon is going to work.

After launch, some Pokemon required quite a bit more experience to be farmed before they reach a decent enough level to play. Since the length of games is fairly limited, this would keep them out of action for quite a long time. The new update aims to address this problem. These Pokemon like Garchomp are now getting their evolutions at an earlier level. These Pokemon Unite ranked changes are definitely going to make these creatures more viable. These are the major changes from the patch:

  • Tsareena has been added.
  • New items are in the shop.
  • Master Rank increase and decrease rates have been adjusted.
  • Progression Points now protect progression stars.
  • Greninja – attacks have been boosted, but Double Team decreased and Water Shuriken cooldown changed.
  • Lucario – Damage reduced for charge points and Steadfast ability decreased.
  • Greedent – Cover cooldown has been increased.
  • Zeraora – Discharge damage and shield effect reduced. Spark controls have changed and Plasma Gale damage reduced.
  • Talonflame – Arial Ace cooldown decreased and Fly effects weakened.
  • Snorlax – Flail effect duration has increased and level where moves learned have all been lowered.
  • Gardevoir – Evolution and levels learned have all been reduced.
  • Garchomp – Levels for evolution and moved learned reduced.
  • Mamoswine – Evolution and move levels are reduced.
  • Eldegross, Gengar, Cramorant, Blastoise, Sylveon, and Wigglytuff – Bug fixes

Those are all of the major changes. The biggest Pokemon Unite ranked changes though are coming from the reduced level requirements for all those Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Holiday Festivities

Pokemon unite Ranked changes are one part of this update, but one of the big parts is the Pokemon Unite Holiday festivities. This is the holiday event that is going to be coming to the game. There are going to be some new additions to the game alongside some fresh content for players to get through. One of the biggest new additions are going to be Tsareena and Dragonite as two new Unite licenses.

During the event, players can login to get special items for the holiday. Reward boxes will come with limited licenses, trainer fashion items, and rewards for other challenges like the Illumination challenge and Photo Challenge.

Alongside these rewards and challenges, there is going to be a new Battle Map in the game. This is a smaller and quick battle map, Snowball Battle in Shivre City. This map will feature winter elements, like snowman turning to Pokemon that can’t move. The Snowball Battle  has players try to defeat a Delibird to get a gift box that has a one-time battle item to replace the current item.

That’s everything that’s new coming to Pokemon Unite over the next period. This is still a growing game with a few tournaments already. However, the Pokemon Unite Ranked changes are making a big improvement to how certain Pokemon work. While the competitive side of this game is still young, its potential is getting bigger all the time.