PUBG Continental Series ends with thrilling finals

The PUBG Continental Series (PCS) has finally brought back competitive PUBG to the forefront. The first series showed us how much PUBG esports has evolved this year. Ever since the PCS Charity Showdown, we’ve seen the skill ceiling across all regions equalize between all contestants. There is not a few good PUBG teams nowadays, each region has at least 6 teams that could easily take out an entire competition.

The new increase in competitiveness has also reflected in increased viewership numbers. Viewership numbers increased across the board, and it was all happend in esports prime time when other esports had broadcasts going on. Let’s recap the final days of the PCS Series 1 and the Pick’ems results that gave us some cool PUBG Skins.

PUBG Continental Series ends with thrilling finals

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PCS Europe Series 1

The PCS EU saw fierce competition all the way until the last two games in the final day. Up until that point, 6 teams juggled the lead back and forth as each match brought a new score leader. Coming into the final day ENCE, Omaken and Tornado Energy were looking like the favorites, with TSM and FaZe clan trailing 20 points behind.

While everyone was confident its a FaZe Sunday, it ended up being a TSM day all the way. Iroh, Fexx, MiracU and vard  fragged out the entire lobby netting 49 kills on the final day. With a 15+ point average per game for the entire final day, TSM managed to jump from 6th to 1st and won the PCS Series 1 in style. PUBG Esports created a full recap of the final day in their own post.

PCS APAC Series 1

QConfirm set the tone and dominated the PCS APAC series from the get go. Two wins at the start of day one two weeks ago, and they never let the foot off the throttle since. The event was fun from another viewpoint. Every team from 2nd through 6th was only a few points apart for the entire event. A single kill or placement point could impact placements and a make a large difference in the prize money won.

In the end, Buriram United finished 2nd with Golden Cat and FURY in 3rd and 4th with only a single point difference. The PCS Asia Pacific series was the easiest one to guess on Pick’ems also. We got our 100k EP and sweet PCS Skins out of it ourselves.

PUBG Pick'em Challenge


PCS Asia Series 1

The Asia series saw some intense competition among the best teams globally. Global Champions Gen.G got to face familiar names in what seemed like a mini PGC event. Out of all the big names, it was Infantry that came out on top. They were not even considered favorites before the event when compared to the rest of the competition. Among names like Gen.G, OGN Entus, 4AM, Griffin, Tianba and Quadro, nobody really expected iFTY to take the lead.

Based on their performance, the Asia region has 7 teams that could easily be Global Champions this year. The skill level is higher then most regions, while the matches are methodical and fun to watch. PCS Asia Series 2 is going to be even more exciting, especially after the Chinese and Korean teams figured out each others playstyles.

PCS North America Series 1

And finally, the crème de la crème. The most exciting ending to a PCS final across all regions happend in North America. STK was trailing 12 points behind Wildcard Gaming in the final match of the tournament. What followed was the most aggressive pursuit of a trophy NA has ever seen. Shoot To Kill charged forward and netted 13 kills to equalize the score with Wildcard Gaming at 198 points and take the trophy on Kill Points.

Judge by yourself by Shepherd’s view party reaction:

The final match in its entirety can be viewed at the following Youtube link. I strongly recommend every fan of PUBG to watch the thrilling final.

In the end, the four regional champions of PCS 1 are: TSM, QConfirm, Infantry and STK.

The qualification for PCS Series 2 is set to begin soon across all regions. The main event for next PCS showdown is set for August 2020.

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