PUBG creator announces blockchain game Artemis

PUBG was and still is one of the most played battle royale games on the market. Available on console, mobile and PC this game took the spotlight at the similar time that Fortnite was released.

Off of the back of its success the team behind it have been able to solidify themselves within the gaming industry gaining respect from a vast audience both young and old.

Brendan Greene left PUBG back in 2019, moving to Amsterdam to start up PlayerUnknown Productions.


Image Credits | Mobidictum

What are we to expect from PlayerUnkown Productions?

The game in question is called “Artemis”. An open world experience based in the Metaverse. This specific genre is something PlayerUnknown have specialised in. We hope the success that PUBG has received over the years can be somewhat translated into this fresh new Web3 gaming title.

Greene has confirmed that this upcoming release will feature NFTs that players can trade with one another within the game’s ecosystem.

An AI population will inhabit this game also acting as your traditional NPC characters you would find in any other game. Except this time their movements and thoughts will be calculated potentially being less clunky and repetitive.

Full ownership will be placed into the gamer’s hands as players will be able to play to their means, creating their ideal blockchain gaming experience with their friends.

It has been confirmed that players will also be able to sell their own assets to other players. The implementation of these play to earn mechanics have proven popular amongst gamers engaging with the crypto gaming space.

An Open Source Game

Artemis is being released as an open source game, meaning this game when released really does belong to the gamers.

“It’s for everyone, right? It shouldn’t ultimately be controlled by us. It’ll be a platform that we participate in the maintenance of, maybe, but it’s something that anyone can plug into, and everyone can host a bit of themselves.”

However, mainstream understanding and adoption has a long way to go as many are still unaware of the potentials it can have for the user experience. We have seen this through the reception that was received via Facebook as their marketing and branding efforts were switched to focus on the concept of the Metaverse. Longtime fans of Facebook and Zuckerberg did not react too good as the overall notion of the company seems to have worsened.


Image Credits | Eurogamer

However Zuckerberg is not everyone’s ideal pioneer for this technology so only time and maturation will tell for the Metaverse.

PUBG as mentioned is a pioneer in modern gaming. We hope this exposure to crypto and blockchain technology over time will steer people’s perceptions of the space into a more positive light.

It is clear what Greene and his team’s intentions are with Artemis. Create a game that provides full transparency of blockchain, putting the user and their experience of the game before anything else!

Nothing has been released in terms of a release date or what platforms this game are available on. However, be sure to keep up to date with as we will be sure to keep our readers up to date on any news updates for Artemis.