PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 – Spring Split Overview and Schedule

When it comes to Battle Royales, PUBG has achieved better longevity then Fortnite or even recent addition Warzone. The title is still going strong on both PC and Mobile despite opposition constantly releasing new games to chip away at the BR playerbase.

In one area, PUBG is probably the biggest Battle Royale game out there. PUBG Mobile esports are huge, and ahead of every other game in that market segment. Currently, PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 is the biggest mobile tournament out there, with teams from 27 global regions going head to head to take home a share of the $1,642,400 prize pool.

This is what you need to know about everything going on with this tournament.

PUBG PMCO 2021 Spring Split

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PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021

The PUBG Mobile Club Open is having the first of the regional splits for PUBG Mobile in 2021. The event is running from January through to the end of February.

PUBG Mobile Esports have been gradually growing since 2018. The scene began with grassroots events, ones that put players and fans directly into the action. This has grown into a more professional circuit. By 2020, a full scene of amatuer and pro events was established worldwide. The scope of events for PUBG mobile really is impressive, offering something for every skill level and localized in a lot of different places.

The first qualification stage is wrapped up, and the group stages are continuing on through till the 21st. Towards the end of the month, the finals for each region are going to take place.

Regional stages find the best teams around the globe, who then move forward to further tournaments and step up to the fully pro events. Winning in the regional event is no small feet though. Open registration allows a lot of people to compete in this game, especially when you consider the low barrier of entry for mobile esports. This event’s openness allows new players to rise up the ranks, but it still attracts the top talent.

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 Schedule

The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 is taking place at different times depending on the region. These are how the main areas’ schedules are taking place:

  • Southwest Asia – Group Stage Feb 12-14, Finals 19-21
  • South Asia – Group Stage Feb 16-21, Finals 25-28
  • Americas – Group Stage Feb 16-21, Finals 25-28
  • Middle East – Group Stage Feb 16-21, Finals 25-28
  • Europe – Group Stage 16-21, Finals 25-28

So while quite a few qualifiers have taken place, the finals are still upcoming for the PUBG Mobile Club Open. Each of the regions is subdivided by various national and regional sub-regions all featuring a full set of teams.

Following the entire schedule and updates globally can be a real nightmare. Luckily the official PUBG Mobile Esports Twitter is doing constant updates on all events simultaneously and with daily Tweet updates. Additionally the official PUBG Mobile Esports Youtube channel covers all of the regions and live-streams simultaneously as well, so you can pick and choose which region you would like to follow.

PUBG Mobile cheats hit PMCO 2021

While all of the events are taking place, we are witnessing the same issues plaguing traditional PUBG Mobile play spill over into the competitive aspect as well. Various teams across the regions have turned to 3rd party software to improve their odds at winning at PMCO.

So far, four teams have been hit with the ban hammer, with new reports coming in across all regions. We do expect by the end of it at least 30+ teams might get flagged for cheating based on how many are being reported on Reddit and social media currently.

Cheating in PUBG Mobile is not new, nor is cheating in PMCO events. 531 teams were banned from competition during the August series last year. The Ban Pan is working slowly but we appreciate the officials trying to keep a massive global competition fair and clean given every participant is playing remotely.

In the end, PUBG Mobile Esports has shown an impressive demonstration in the power of a fanbase to grow a game organically. The title’s events began as small scale and relatively local. This mobile esports community has grown through excitement of the game’s base, rather than from the parent company of the title trying to force a scene into existence. That’s not to diminish the games that had a bombastic launch with a lot of prize money. However, what’s happened with PUBG is definitely impressive. The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 is going to be an exciting event for competitive PUBG.

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