PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021 – Spring Winners heading into Pro League

The Spring PUBG Mobile Club Open has come to an end. After an exciting tournament, each PMCO region has now found a Spring Split winner for a share of the prize pool. This event was the first big one for PUBG Mobile for the year. It didn’t disappoint either.

Outside of actual tournament proceedings, over 50 teams were banned from the event over the lead up. Across all the regions taking place, that isn’t the biggest number possible. However, it did take out even some of the top competitors. Despite all the ups and downs, the PUBG Mobile Spring Split winners have come out in a good place for the rest of 2021.

PMCO Spring 2021 Winners

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The PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2021 Winners

The finals for PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split have been running through Feb 24-28th. After a few days of competition though, all regions have found themselves a winner. These are the PUBG Spring Split 2021 winners:

  • 4 Romanian Men (EU WildCard)
  • Rise Esports (Brasil)
  • RESQ (United Kingdom)
  • Carnage Esports (Nepal)
  • Slime 4KT (Africa)
  • Enigma Fan Club (United States)
  • F4 Esports (Pakistan)
  • Seal Esport (South Asia)
  • APES Inc (Asia WildCard)

*More results will be added once officialized.

All of the winners should automatically become favorites for winning their respective regions in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League. Especially since most of the regional winners had a solid point surplus over their opponents.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League is expected to begin across all regions in the last week of March.

What’s Next for the PUBG Mobile Spring Split Winners?

PUBG Mobile Club Open is continuing with a packed calendar through 2021, the Club Open Spring Split was just the start. This same format is going to be run for events throughout the year. This is how the PUBG Mobile calendar looks for the rest of the year:

  1. PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring
  2. PUBG Mobile Invitationals
  3. PMCO Fall Split
  4. PUBG Mobile Pro League Fall
  5. PMGC – PUBG Mobile Global Champions

At these tournaments we can likely expect similar action to what we’ve seen so far at PMCO. That probably includes a decent ban pan hitting the game during semi-pro events as well.

PMCO Teams Expelled for Cheating

The first event of PUBG Mobile Season was an interesting one, even from before the event started.

To get things kicked off, Tencent banned a number of teams from competing. PUBG has always had some problems with cheating. Being a mobile game, it often attracts nefarious players. When tournaments have fairly big prize pools though, those cheaters need to be weeded out. The organizers behind the PUBG Mobile Club Open have gone ahead with that, as number of teams have been disqualified, removing them completely from the running.

The total number is over 50, which is a significant amount. Some of these teams were even sat in the top 16, complicating things quite a bit. It’s possible we could have seen some different PUBG Mobile Spring Split winners if the bans hadn’t taken place. While this amount of cheating is disheartening, it is generally positive that action has been taken. Fans and players can be confident that the rest of the finals went smoothly.

Also, only 50 teams banned seems like an improvement after 531 teams were banned in the previous PMCO last August.

If you’re looking to get involved, there are still plenty of ways for you to jump into the action with PUBG mobile, or you can catch the next tournament over on Twitch.

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