PUBG Regional Clash Series kick off today

Game developer KRAFTON recently revealed their plans for PUBG’s inaugural Regional Clash tournament series kicks off today September 22. The PUBG mobile collection event will run through four days until September 25, and will see 20 matches played in total.

PUBG Mobile Regional Clash

The first clash of the series will take place between Southeast Asia and China China (PEL) regions. The tournament will feature 16 teams in total. These include the top three teams from China’s professional league PEL Summer 2022,  PMPL Thailand Fall 2022,  PMPL Indonesia Fall 2022, PMPL, MY/SG/PH Fall 2022, and  PMPL Vietnam Fall 2022. A wildcard invite has been issued to Yangon Galacticos from Myanmar.

A $30,000 prize pool will be split among the top four teams, the winner taking home $6000. The runners-up will win $3000, while the teams in third and fourth place will claim $2400 and $2000 respectively. It was recently revealed that the MVP’s will also be awarded a separate prize, but the details are still unknown.

PUBG Regional Clash Event Breakdown

Five matches are scheduled for each day, spread out over the latter half of the week. The first two games will be played on Sanhok and Miramar battleground, while the remaining three will be held on Erangel. After the twenty scheduled games, the top two teams of the tournament will face each other in a showmatch, alongside the top-ranked teams from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar.

The display match between these eight teams will take place on the Nusa, the brand-new map that was released just over a week ago. It’s a tourist island in the tropics and is PUBG’s smallest map, spanning just 1 square kilometer.

The scoring for the PMRC 2022 follows a new 10-point system. In every match, the team that places first will receive 10 points, the maximum value of the Ranking Points. The scores for the top eight teams will be computed in order of their placement.

In addition, each kill  will be worth one point. So teams should look to not only remain the last ones standing and claim the first place, but also get in as many kills as possible.

James Yang, Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports believes that with the best teams from PMPL Southeast Asia and PEL China set to compete, the first iteration of the Regional Clash “promises to be gripping from start to finish.”

Still Moving Under Gunfire (SMG), the winner of the PEL summer, are among the top teams to look out for at the PMRC. The PEL is among the biggest PUBG tournaments in the world, featuring a $4.2 million prize pool.

After an ordinary regular season where they finished in ninth place with 465 points, they struggled in the playoffs too qualifying between day five and six with 92 points. In the Grand Finals though they blew everyone out of the water, topping the charts with 199 points to claim the grand $1.3 million prize.

NOVA Esports had been in first place all along going into the final match, but fell agonizingly short right at the finish line to end in second place with 193 points. They are the defending global champions, having won the PUBG Mobile Global Championship back-to-back in 2021 and 2021 and are also among the favourites to win the PMRC.

You can catch the livestream of all 20 games on PUBG Mobile Esports’ official YouTube channel. The first match of each day will begin at 9:00 AM GMT.  The broadcast will be available in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Malay.