PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 Tournament Overview & Expectations

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship is set to begin a few days after the PUBG Continental Series on PC concludes. 24 teams from across 9 competitive regions earned their way into the $2,000,000 season final.

A total of 144 matches will determine the best PUBG Mobile team on the planet. Let’s breakdown the entire event, set expectations for each stage of the tournament and explain the extremely convoluted competitive format.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship

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Tournament Overview & Format

The participating teams qualified to the main event through nine different regional events played throughout the year. All 24 teams have been divided into three groups of 8 and will battle amongst eachother and opposing groups in a month long League Stage tournament. After the conclusion of the League Stage, the best 16 will advance to the PMGC Finals in January, 2021.

Each week will host 30 matches divided between weekdays and weekends.

Weekdays will see each group play 4 matches against the other two groups (AB/AC/BC) for a total of 12. The 16 top teams from the weekday matchups, will play the week’s Super Weekend, where they will be playing 18 matches (6 per day) from Friday to Sunday.

Only the points that are gathered during the Super Weekends count towards the rankings that will determine the PMGC League Finals participants. If a team misses the cutoff for a Super Weekend all they lose is a chance at earning points towards the Finals. All participating teams can still qualify into the Super Weekend in consecutive weeks.

Furthermore, PUBG Esports has announced they will divide the prize pool among the League Stage and League Finals, meaning each participating team is guaranteed at least a baseline prize of $ 3,000. Finally, the MVP player will be awarded $10,000 for his performance. The MVP selection criteria takes into account survival time, damage dealt and total kills.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Teams

With 24 teams in the competition, its hard to do a quick meta analysis and set expectations going forward. More then half of these teams have never met in a competitive setting as most competition was region based up until this point. What we can base our analysis on, is their overall performance and survival time during this season, total kills and damage done overall. Before we crunch the numbers, lets take a look at how the groups are divided and which opponents are “stuck” with one another throughout this competition.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship Groups

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Three teams stand out as the main favorites for the entire competition. Bigetron RA from Indonesia are the best PUBG team in the world in 2020 overall, with teams Futbolist from Turkey and China’s NOVA Esports trailing behind.

While groups don’t necessarily impact which teams advance to Super Weekends, they will determine how much points you can rack up considering you are stuck with the same seven teams in your group for all the PMGC matches.

Sadly, both Bigetron and Futbolist will have to play all League Stage matches against one another regardless of which group they match up against on a weekday or Super Weekend. Nova Esports will have an easier job to advance to each Super Weekend considering their main competitor in Group A is Aerowolf, while they can also hard flex on every team in Group B.

League Stage expectations

We can expect drop points, overall tactics and approach to the game to change each week. The first week of matches are expected to be a real fiesta where aim and pure luck will decide the first Super Weekend participants. This will come to be due to teams not being fully versed against their opponents patterns of rotation, type of play (edge or center) or everyone’s drop points. Once there is a clearer picture of how each team approaches a match we can see a more tactical approach to each individual match.

Furthermore, NOVA Esports, 4AM and to some extent NaVi and Futbolist also dabble in Peacekeeper Elite on top of playing PUBG Mobile. This might be an issue initially as PUBG Mobile’s rebranded Chinese version is a “tad” different in the way in-game mechanics play out.

With all that said, we expect the following eight teams to do great in the opening week and weekend: NOVA Esports, Futbolist, Four Angry Men, Bigetron RA, Aerowolf LIMAX, RRQ Athena, Secret Jin and Loops.

We will adjust our expectations and do a more in-depth analysis in future articles, once the competition gets under way. Be sure to tune in to the 4 weeks of competitions – every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between the 24th of November and 20th of December.

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