QH Sports Dota Series shines the spotlight on Asia’s upcoming stars

The QH Sports Dota Series 1, certainly has some interesting features features. Ten uprising teams have a chance to showcase their potential. Additionally, several Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) participants have been invited to the event.

Lets break down the teams, matches and set our betting predictions.

QH Sports Dota Series

QH Sports Dota Series 1 Format and Teams

The QH Sports Dota Series 1 spots a typical Group Stage and Playoffs format. The group stage is single round-robin best-of-two matches. The top eight teams will proceed to the playoffs, while the bottom two are eliminated.

In the playoffs, matches are double-elimination best-of-three matches, except for the best-of-five finals. Speaking of teams, notable teams include LBZS, Army Geniuses, Execration, and Lilgun. These are seasoned teams who competed in the DPC 2021, hence they deserve some spotlight, to begin with.

The rest of the competition are certainly no pushovers either. We have Ragdoll, Crocodile, Team Mystery, Team M Y, Team D, and Team God.

There’s no questioning that Execration was the biggest fish in this competition. They are currently top seeds in the BTS Pro Series S7 SEA, living up to their reputation as a seasoned team. With them pulling out, the field is wide open for other teams to take the cake.

There’s LBZS from China, which has made frequent appearances in high-tier Chinese pro scene, alongside Chinese powerhouses. In fact, LBZS is set for the next season’s Upper Division bracket after scoring a second-place finish in Lower Division this DPC 2021.

Besides the mentioned DPC 2021 participants, we should be wary of team Ragdoll too. The team spots several familiar Malaysian players, namely Cheng “vtFαded” Jia Hao and Lai “AhJit” Jay Son. They have been in the International spotlight for good reasons, so Ragdoll could potentially sweep the competition in the QH Sports Dota Series 1.

With all that in mind, lets move over to match predictions for a few notable upcoming matches.

Team God vs Army Geniuses

Team God, a team with unknown origins, just snatched the series from Execration earlier this week. It wasn’t their first victory, as they also toppled Lilgun. We might be looking at a new powerhouse in the making here, and their next high-profile match is against Army Geniuses. AG is one of Indonesia’s best squads and a DPC 2021 candidate too. However, as we witnessed past games, Team God isn’t afraid to go up against the big boys at all.

The best part about this match is that the Dota 2 odds give lucrative returns either way. In this case, AG at x5.5 is the ideal choice for long-shot bets.

LBZS vs Team Mystery

Team Mystery is one of the newer participants in the group that didn’t gain much spotlight yet. The Malaysian team has showcased their preference for rather old-school drafts. As such, the only track record of their games were one draw and one lost series.

As mysterious as Team Mystery may be, LBZS will surely knock out their competition as anticipated. The Chinese competitors have been phenomenal this year, as they even have the most participants representing the region at the International 10.

The odds are also heavily favored on LBZS at x2.12 versus Team Mystery at x6.04 returns. We doubt there’s a chance for a tie here, so you can confidently put LBZS win in your betslip.

LBZS vs Army Geniuses

Here’s one series that is actually interesting for good reasons. For starters, both teams are relatively well-known in their respective region. Sure, they didn’t stand out as much as we liked them to be, but they are definitely working on improving. One thing’s for sure, that is, they are going to be staples in the upcoming DPC 2022 season. This match will be a first glimpse into what the next season’s competitors are. Since we won’t be getting any majors or cross-region tourneys anytime soon, this will be eye candy for all the Asian team fans out there.

In terms of odds, it’s relatively even for both sides to take the series. However, LBZS does have a slight edge at x3.16 odds versus AG at x3.63 odds. GG.BET thinks this match is likely heading towards a tie, but I tend to disagree. Go for a LBZS win to triple your gains.

There you have it, three matches that can all be played as singles to earn some sweet returns. Of course, these matches are just the tip of the iceberg at the QH Sports Dota Series 1. The group stage games will go on until August 15, so there’s plenty to pick up some Dota 2 betting fun.

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