Rainbow 6 Siege NAL Stage 3 – Current standings & Day 5 Favorites

Rainbow 6 Siege is back and the North American League is buzzing. Stage 3 of the R6 NAL is currently ongoing. Various number of new teams that have been added to the scene, and there seems to be genuine competition for qualifications. Teams will compete for a berth in the NA League Finals in addition to the top four teams in Stage 3 qualifying for November’s Six Major.

Astralis, Oxygen, DarkZero, and XSET currently hold these positions, but with every other team in the league making significant roster changes, they’ll be looking to crack the top four. While holding onto these positions will be tough for any team due to the various stages they will need to clear to get through. Until now four playdays of Stage 3 have taken place and have left quite the mark in the eyes of the community.

NAL team of the week 3-4

Current state for R6 NAL Stage 3

During Match Day 1 we got to see Parabellum Esports defeat Oxygen Esports with ease in a 7-4 victory. While being quite the enthralling gaming to watch with the various gun fights. DarkZero Esports defeated Astralis in quite a close match which ended in 8-6. While this was the only game from Playday1 to go to overtime with each team giving it all they got. This game took place in the Theme Park Map which had only set the stakes higher.

TSM showed the world why they are one of the best teams in NA by defeating Mirage. This game was a clean sweep for TSM and an easy 7-3 win to them with the MVP being Gasher. Xset follows suit by defeating beastcoast in the least competitive match of the day with a win of 7-2. While the last win was for Soniqs against Spacestation Gaming 7-5.

While the second play day started with TSM destroying another team in the tournament. This time being beastcoast 7-1. While the likes of Parabellum Esports continued their winning streak. During the game between Mirage and Astralis on the map Theme Park, Benjimoola came up clutch and was the MVP of the game.

During Day 3 the scores were as follows:

  • Soniqs 7 – 2 XSET
  • Spacestation Gaming 7 – 3 Parabellum Esports
  • Astralis 7 – 4 TSM FTX
  • DarkZero Esports 7 – 4 beastcoast
  • Mirage 7 – 4 Oxygen Esports

It is nevertheless astonishing to see Mirage, a team that usually finishes last in the NA standings, defeat a top-tier team, especially in such a convincing fashion, even though their victory over Astralis last week should have been a sign. Their 7-4 victory over Oxygen Esports continues a troubling trend for OxG, who is still only on one point with one-third of the stage remaining.

Playday 4 saw, DZ, Astralis, XSET and SSG come up with expected victories, while TSM edged over Soniqs for the top spot.

Going into Day 5, its easy pickings for both versus beastcoast and Oxygen respectively, as both look to secure their top spots. The match of Day 5 for us will be DarkZero vs SpaceStation Gaming.