Rainbow Six Siege Skins Marketplace Enters Closed Beta

Recently, Ubisoft revealed the impending arrival of a peer-to-peer ‘skin trading’ marketplace in Rainbow Six Siege. In recent hours, that marketplace has been opened up to a select few players as part of a closed beta phase – and some users are already seeing the platform bear fruit. With the same operating model as Valve’s Counter-Strike marketplace, Rainbow Six Siege’s market platform empowers users to buy, sell, and trade skins with other players. Some rare items are already changing hands for hundreds of dollars.

It’s unlikely to ever reach the sky-high value of the CS skins market, but it’s a step in the right direction from Ubisoft. It’s giving players the power to make money from their in-game investments while remaining rooted in Rainbow Six’s ecosystem. Reportedly, Ubisoft is working hard to keep the trading in-house and avoid the off-platform trading concerns that have constantly reared their head in the CS space over the last decade or so.

Return on Investment

rainbow six siege skins

On the Rainbow Six Siege marketplace, users have already started listing skins and cosmetics in the thousands, it has been revealed. It’s expected that a fair few listings are ‘fake’ and set up by Ubisoft to test certain functions of the beta platform, but players are already abuzz with the very real transactions that are taking place as we speak. There are some skins – such as those from the aspirational ‘Glacier’ set – trading hands for more than $100 – and that’s just the beginning.

While Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t have much in the way of grading or ‘one-of-a-kind’ skins like Counter-Strike, it does have rare sets and cosmetics that were available as part of a limited run. These will become the most sought-after items with sizeable price tags for the simple fact that players can’t get them anywhere else. At the highest end of the spectrum, a celebratory 2019 Six Invitational 416-Carbine skin was sold for more than $600 on the marketplace.

It’s a far cry from the heights of Counter-Strike, which at its peak has seen skins bought privately for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But that doesn’t matter – it’s not a competition, and Rainbow Six Siege fans are seemingly grateful for the opportunity to earn anything for their skins. After all, they never could do it before, so it’s a win all around.

It’s not yet known when the Rainbow Six Siege marketplace will go live on a global scale, but it can be accessed by anyone right now. If you want to log in and check what your skins are worth, you’re more than welcome – it just might be a while before you can trade them.

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