Realms Collide set to bolster the American Dota 2 scene

Both American regions can rejoice as Valve has throws another sponsored tournament for the region. Realms Collide is back for a second time around, with the current edition called The Burning Darkness. Along with all its glory comes a hefty 75,000 dollars prize pool.

We’ve already talked how the Americas are having difficulty with maintaining the Dota 2 scene, and finally a bit of good news comes our way.

Realms Collide Dota 2

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Realms Collide Tournament Format and Teams

Twelve teams are set to battle at this event. The format features best-of-two showdowns in a single round robin group stage. Perhaps not the most favorable format, but it makes up for it with tiebreakers in case of even scores. The bottom four teams will be eliminated at the end of the group stage. Playoffs will be where things get serious, as the good ol’ best-of-three double-elimination bracket comes around.

As for participants, ten invitees and two closed qualifiers winners make up the entire group. Familiar NA representatives from the latest Summit 13 are all in attendance. Quincy Crew, 4 Zoomers, and team 4Fun are all participating, and coincidentally are the favorites to win the entire thing. It is the same trio that made it into the top four finishes at the Summit 13 Americas earlier last week.

Meanwhile, their South American rivals consist of Infamous, beastcoast, Thunder Predator and Team Brasil. The lineup of teams is rounded up with Infinity Esports, Midas Club, EgoBoys, Team Unknown and Omega Gaming, fill the remaining slots.

Chasing after a streak

The American scene has certainly grown stale over the continuous victories of only one team, Quincy Crew. Just like Team Secret in Europe, Quinn “CCnC” Callahan and his stack have won eight consecutive regional tournaments since March 2020. Yet, it only took a new underling team to snatch their victory in their first official debut.

EternalEnvy’s 4Fun, formerly Team Zero, has quickly became the talk of the town after winning the latest event.

The new contender on the scene is now chasing a streak of wins to claim yet another trophy and cement themselves as the best team in the Americas.

4 Zoomers with no boomers

One of top teams in North America, 4 Zoomers, made roster changes just days before Realms Collide. According to Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton’s Twitter, he has been kicked from 4 Zoomers on November 11. Daniel “Zero” Jun is set to play as a stand-in. Jun has not played overwhelming amounts of Dota 2 this year. He’s best known for his time in Black Sheep with zoomer teammates Husky and Oceania.

There was no further announcement from the team regarding the kick. However, fans speculated that it was due to poor performance at the Summit 13 Americas and even the OMEGA League.

Spicy match-ups ahead

There’s no denying that the NA scene is quite a toxic region. Pro players often mock and hate on each other and serve as gatekeepers of the scene. A new drama might be brewing with Quincy Crew and beastcoast, after Chris Luck and Mr. Quincy himself got in a bit of a scuffle.

In a casual pub game, the two players had a heated argument at only 6 minutes. Chris Luck tipped CCnC after a failed kill in a 1v1 fight. This led to CCnC getting tilted of his opponent’s bad manners, which turned into a rant about beastcoast’s recent performance.

Both teams will have something to prove on November 20th, as Quincy Crew goes up against beastcoast at Realms Collide.

Finally, its important to note that Dota2 betting is favorable at this event. Best-of-two group stages have potential for many “draw” bets with some seriously good odds.

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