OMEGA League Americas Divine Division – The rivalry between the Americas continues

OMEGA League’s Americas Divine Division kicks off on August 17th with fancy treats for the Americas scene. Although it’s “all hell broke loose” in the region, we do appreciate WePlay! for keeping the American pro scene alive and well.

After all, all eyes would be on the Internationals 2020 during this time, if it wasn’t for its unfortunate postponement till next year.

OMEGA League Americas Divine Division – The rivalry between the Americas continues

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Americas Divine Division Format and Teams

First up, it’s not a one-way ticket out of the tournament if teams end up with last place. Bottom four teams will stand a second chance at the Ancient Division, where they play against other amateur American teams. A similar system to the OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division.

The Divine Division consists of the usual format, with group stage games being best-of-three single round-robin series. Meanwhile, the Playoffs are double-elimination games (also best-of-three), except for the grand finals being a decisive best-of-five.

Since only six teams will proceed to the Playoffs, the 3rd – 4th place teams from each group will play in the Play-in Stage. Two winners of the Play-in join the Playoffs at the lower bracket, whereas, the losers head to the Ancient Division as mentioned.

Looking at the ten teams playing the Americas Divine Division, fans are saddened by the absence of the North American powerhouse, Evil Geniuses. Since EG has opted to play in the more challenging Europe Immortal Division, it left fans with fewer teams to root for.

Nonetheless, there are several impressive teams to look out for, such as Quincy Crew, 4 Zoomers and Business Associates, which have seasoned NA players. South American talent is also present with beastcoast, Infamous and Thunder Predator. The remaining slots are filled by Pace, Omega Gaming, Team Brasil and Boonz+Goonz.

Quincy Crew, the Most Underrated NA team

Despite the numeral achievements that Quincy Crew has garnered over the past months, fans still hailed Evil Geniuses as the gatekeeper in American Dota. Yet, Quincy Crew has been consistent at winning American regional tournaments, even against the likes of EG in it.

Quincy Crew won the ESL One Birmingham 2020 and BTS Pro Series Season 2: Americas, upsetting EG alongside its preaching fans. Therefore, in group A, the other teams would be shriveling in fear when they face Quinn “Quinn” Callahan’s wrath.

Their only real compeition would be Business Associates. Under the leadership of TI5 champion, Clinton “Fear” Loomis, we can expect these gentlemen to give Quincy Crew a run for its money.

There is however not much to bet on, in the opening stages of the event. Most odds and markets have severe favorite syndrome. Their odds give as little as 1.03 return on your singles bets. You can make a good buck if you believe in Boonz + Goonz and Omega Gaming however. They such severe underdogs however, that it is hard to judge in which match they will cause an upset.

You can still bet on every single match they have and still be in the money (if they actually win a match). Their matches will net you an 7x or 10x return over at on your investment meaning you can probably pull of progression betting. Its a high risk high reward strategy.

The South American Trials

Over at Group B, where all SA teams are, the 7th place winner of last year’s International 2019, are still the easy favourites. After becoming the first South American team to go deep in an Internationals tournament. We can’t help but believe that beastcoast (formerly Infamous) might be SA’s best hope to get the Dota 2 community’s attention at the region.

Peruvian superstar mid player, Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales, is known for his aggressive selection of heroes, such as Monkey King and Queen of Pain. With a playstyle as aggressive as team OG’s Topson, there’s a good reason why Chirs Luck is the proclaimed South America’s Topson.

There’s no doubt that beastcoast is the most prominent SA team of the bunch, we shouldn’t count out Thunder Predator and Infamous however. The two titans have been in the SA scene earlier than its competitors, and are considered crucial invites in SA tournaments.

The Americas division will fill the void in the schedule, and give us a 24hour Dota 2 match cycle in the next two weeks. If you’re up for a thrill in Dota 2 betting, you now have a constant rotation of matches at most esports bookmakers.

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