BTS Dota Summit 13 – Tournament Info, Predictions and Betting Tips

The BTS Dota Summit is the traditional year-end event, where newly-formed rosters try out their first matches and tactics ahead of a competitive season. The 2020 Summit 13 Online however, has become a premier level event with over $250,000 in prize funds allotted.

BTS 13 features thirty teams divided among three main competitive regions. North America, South East Asia and Europe each have the best in the region competing to become the 13th Dota Summit champion.

Below is an entire tournament breakdown paired with predictions and betting tips updated daily.

BTS Dota Summit 13 Online

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BTS Dota Summit 13 Online Overview & Teams

Dota Summit 13 takes place between October 21st and November 8th, 2020 divided into two stages.

All three Summit 13 Online events follow the same competitive format. Each region plays a ten team single round-robin Group Stage with all but two teams advancing into Playoffs. The top four teams in each region will advance into the Upper Bracket, while the bottom half will advance to the Lower Bracket Playoffs.

The Playoffs across all three regions are set to begin November 4th.

The Americas and South East Asia events begin a little earlier then Europe, to accommodate the ongoing ESL One Germany 2020 online event. Furthermore, South American teams are playing on a double schedule to accommodate the ongoing Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 6.

Dota Summit Online 13: Americas

The Americas tournament features five teams from both South & North America each. The line-up of rosters invited or qualified for the event is as follows: Quincy Crew, Beastcoast, Team Brasil, 4 Zoomers, catJAMMERS, Thunder Predator, Infamous, Team Zero, No Pangolier and Spirit Esports.

Quincy Crew and Beastcoast are the expected favorites for the entire Americas event.

For the group stage, we are likely to see catJAMMERS, 4 Zoomers and Infamous perform well and make it into Playoffs.

Finally, No Pangolier and Spirit Esports are the two teams most likely to be eliminated from the event.

Dota Summit Online 13: Southeast Asia

South East Asia features some of the fiercest competition out of the three BTS Regional events. Every high rated team from the region (except Fnatic) is competing at this event.

From a strength power curve standpoint, four teams are almost guaranteed to advance to the Playoffs and are also equal favorites for winning the tournament. They are: Among Us, BOOM Esports, TNC Predator and Motivate.Trust Gaming. The remaining Playoffs teams are expected to be: Adroit, 496 Gaming, Cignal Ultra and Neon Esports.

This would naturally mean, Army Geniuses and Team STAR are likely to be eliminated from the event.

Summit 13 Online is also the second BTS event played in this region this autumn. The BTS Pro Series Season 3 recently concluded with Motivate.Trust Gaming at the top.

Dota Summit Online 13: Europe

The European event is scheduled for November 2, 2020. This section will be updated accordingly once BTS announces more information about the qualifier and participating teams.

Dota Summit 13 Online Predictions

We have already shared some expectations about the group stage in the text above. The only thing remaining is to give you specific match and betting slip predictions to meet your betting needs. Below are two bets you can easily place yourself for the Group Stage of Dota Summit 13 Online.

Mudgolems vs Live to Win

Coming from ESL One Germany 2020, the mudgolems has earned the title as ‘Team Secret killer’ after eliminating the powerhouse. The odds are extremely low on mudgolems, especially after their commendable third place finish.

We can bet on Fata, the captain of mudgolems, to deliver a phenomenal series with unorthodox drafts.

Prediction: Mudgolems to win 2:0

Quincy Crew vs Thunder Predator

The proclaimed strongest North American team versus a team struggling in South America. This match-up is too one-sided to comprehend. For introduction, Quincy Crew has been stacking up on tournament titles in Americas region for the past 6 months, occasionally defeating even Evil Geniuses.

Having the SA teams play against the NA representatives is never a good sight for South American fans. Besides Quincy Crew, both 4Zoomers and Team Zero (NA teams as well), are team to look out for at this event.

Prediction: Quincy Crew to win 2:0

Beastcoast vs Team Brasil

Both teams in this matchup are probably the best SA has to offer. More specifically, beastcoast’s active roster consists of the former squad Infamous players, who reached 7th place at the International 2019. It’s the highest achievement any SA team has achieved to-date.

Fans look forward to watching Chris Luck stomp his opponents in the middle lane. Although Team Brasil has decent players of their own, the Dota 2 odds are still against them as their group stage run was quite underwhelming.

Prediction: Beastcoast to win 2:1

Adroit Esports vs Motivate.Trust Gaming

Adroit garnered quite some fame during the third major of the season, ESL One Los Angeles 2020. Unfortunately, the team never really caught on to become a top SEA team.

MG.Trust is performing exceedingly well this autumn, and are expected to make quick work of Adroit.

Prediction: MG.Trust to win 2:0

Finally, you can follow all the action from Summit 13 at the official BeyondTheSummit Twitch Channel starting on October 21st.