Rise N Grind Smash brings Onin and Steve challengers together

Super Smash Bros is again in the midst of a busy season, with another Major on the horizon this weekend. The Rise N Grind tournament is going to start up in just a few days. After the climatic upsets of Smash Con, there are a lot of eyes on this tournament.

Most of the major players from last week are returning for this event. Onin took the top spot there, adding to his undefeated streak with Steve. No wonder his Twitter handle is @BanStevePLEASE.

Will anyone challenge his pick at Rise N Grind?

Rise N Grind Smash

Rise N Grind Smash Bros Tournament

The tournament is due to start up on August 19th, going through to August 21st. It’s going to have both Singles and Doubles for Ultimate, alongside other events. The singles part of the tournament carries a prize pool of $7,005 for the main event and $1,840 for the doubles prize pool.

This event is part of the Smash World Tour series. Players are competing for a prize pool share, but they’re also going head-to-head for points in the final standings. Entrants include some of the top Smash players. Below is the full Rise ‘N Grind Event Schedule (CDT time):

Rise N Grind Schedule

Players and Match-Ups to Watch at Rise N Grind

Heading into Rise N Grind, the outcome of Smash Con is still looming large. That tournament saw Onin take the top position. He was followed by Maister, then Light, and Glutonny. MKLeo, who had been dominating this year, still placed highly with a joint 5th finish. It’s still a respectable result but an unexpected turn. Out of the top players at Smash Con, MKLeo, Maister, Onin are all going to be at Rise N Grind.

Onin is the guy to beat here. His last win is prime in fans’ minds over the last weekend. It doesn’t really help that he’s risen lately as a Steve main, a character who has become pretty widely disliked in competitive Smash. However, Steve mains are far from annihilating the competition, with Onin as the main standout.

Fans will be watching MKleo to see if the player bounces back from last week. His elimination in the bracket at Smash Con was definitely an upset. The player has more than though wins this year, but getting back on top would really cement him in the face of the Steve uprising. It’s on Onin to defend his last win. If he can, we’ll likely have a new name in the competition for the best Ultimate player this year.

Who is Playing?

Those are some of the players to watch out for at the event but there are loads of big names attending. These are some more of the Smash Bros players that are worth highlighting at the Rise N Grind tournament:

  • MKLeo
  • Maisterer
  • Onin
  • Kola
  • Tweek
  • Cosmos
  • MuteAce
  • Zomba

Across the weekend we’re going to see all of these players duke it out to find the top players in Smash right now. There aren’t too many Steve mains in the most notable sign-ups. As usual, though Smash fans will likely be on high alert for a Steve player actually making it through to the bracket! Be sure to check out Rise N Grind over the weekend to see how it all plays out.